Which stocks offer developers the New Year?

18.12.2010 19:37
Articles about real estate | Which stocks offer developers the New Year? On New Year developers offer discounts on the purchase of new housing from an average of 5% to 30%. Auction proposals relate primarily to large-sized housing, says Case.

As noted by Sergei Kostecki, a leading specialist marketing department SV Development, developers offer discounts to those objects that are in low demand from buyers. Refers to the large size (three rooms or more) apartments, as well as objects with a failed plan. "This is one way to attract buyers. 1-2 bedroom apartments discounts rarely granted, because customers find them much easier "- said the expert.

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Primary housing market compared with 2010 significantly quickened. As noted Kostitsky, if at the beginning of last year to 95% of the objects were frozen in the middle of the year this figure dropped to 70%. "At this point in general in Ukraine frozen no more than 20-30%. In Kiev, the figure is even smaller, "- he says.

According to the portal "Capital estate" in November 2010, compared with October, the average price per square meter of apartments in new buildings in Kiev has decreased on 0,2% and amounted to 13,053 USD / sq. m

For 11 months (December to November) in classes primary real estate price declines were as follows: Economy Class - 2,1%; business class - 2% of premium class - 8,8%. Since November 2009 the price level of primary housing in Kyiv changed: the economy class - a decline of 3.6%, business class - a decline of 1.2% of premium-class - a decline of 13%.

The structure offers primary residence is dominated by new buildings of an economy class - 55%. New Business-Class accounted for 29% of the total, premium - 16%

New Year's shares developers:

Kyivmiskbud "discount of 5% to 10% on the purchase of large-sized apartments (three or more rooms) in new buildings at the following addresses:
g / m Poznyaki-2, construction sites, 2, 4, 4B, 9;
Ave Krasnozvezdny 150-162, 1, 2, 3 Residential Complex "Novo Demeevsky;
Ave Krasnozvezdny 4A, 4;
Ave 40-years of October 30-32, 2;
st. Balzac, Tsvetaeva House, 10, 11;
st. L. Le Havre 1, str. Alma-Ata, 109B;
intersection of the street. Chernovol, Dmitrovsky, Poltava, 1, 2, LC "Zlatoust";
st. Perov, 10-12. LCD "Perovski.

"Finance Company" Zhitlo Invest discount from 5% to 20% on the purchase of large-sized apartments in new buildings at the following addresses:
Ave. Truth, 80-82;
intersection of the street. Popudrenko Minin Chervonotkatska, Krasnogvardeyskaya number 13, 14;
st. Bauman, № 25, 27, 29;
st. Lenin, № 47-59 (blocks A, B, C);

"Granite" 15% discount on all apartments in new buildings at the following addresses:
st. Uritskogo 18-in;
st. Spassky, 5;
st. Vetrov, 23, 23-a;
st. Thick, 39;
st. R. Okipnoy, 10, 10 and 10-b;
st. Dnieper embankment, 25.

"Kovalskaya" discount of 5% to 7% on the purchase of a 3-room apartment in a residential complex on Budinok Pchіlki "(St. Bees, 5);
10% discount in LC "Dіbrova" (street Levitan, 3);
5% discount on a 2-bedroom apartment in a building number 11 of the array Osokorki-6.

BAT "DBC-4", 5% discount on the purchase of a 3-room apartment in a residential complex "Miloslavichi" Str. Zakrevskogo, № 97.

"Yugozaptransstroy" 7% discount for purchase of apartments in residential complex "Caves Quarter Blvd. Friendship of Peoples, 14-16.

"Cmd" discount of 20% to 30% when you buy an apartment in a residential complex on the street. Onuphrius Trutenka, 3.

"Regional Construction Investments 20% discount for purchase of flats, parking in the parking lot as a gift in the residential complex" Kotsjubinsky "on the street. Ponomariov, 26, town. Kotsyubinskoe.

"ICS" Capital "offers 15 apartments with 15% discount in a residential house on the street. Archaeology, 9.

"National Construction Company offers 30 apartments at special price of 8,990 UAH. 1 sq. km. m

"Mіskzhitlobud" residential complex "Holosievo" on the street. Golosiivskyi, 13 "New Year's installment" of up to 5 years.
Also there is action "Three in One" under the terms of the shares investors receive a gift design project of apartments, insurance policy for civil liability to third parties, and the ability to not pay rent for a year

"NEST" when buying a 3-room apartment in the residential "Four Seasons", ul. Kudryashov, 16 investors will receive a free trip to Cuba, when purchasing 1-2-room apartment technique as a gift.

Seven Hills when buying a flat in the second phase of construction of residential complex Park Avenue, the intersection of Ave 40 Years of October and st. Dimievskoy, square footage as a gift.
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