Which newly constructed today lucky with unfreeze?

06.10.2010 13:02
Articles about real estate | Which newly constructed today lucky with unfreeze? - Lion proportion objects where systematically underway - habitation on finishing stage construction. Such situation dictated demand: people now buy only then housing that realistically can touch least wall evaluate view from windows verify presence playground recreation zones etc.

Therefore construction companies channel funds the demanded objects. Buying preferences define and class housing which now being completed. By my very approximate estimated 40-50% all objects where now under construction - is estate ekonomklassa, 30-40% advancing constructions falls on business class rather elite habitation now constructed very inertly (until 20%).

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According your forecasts when will be completed objects with degree preparedness 50-70%?Today under acute insufficient resources and lack state aid declared and real deadlines may differ three-five. But the problematic items can wait commissioning 10-15 years.

9 September. city Verkhovna Rada adopted Amendment Act Ukraine "On Prevention influence world financial crisis on construction industry development and Housing" which extended till 1 Jan. 2013 moratorium on payment investors funds if delays object commissioning.

To what effect do you believe, this could lead? " - Some legislative initiatives only now brake development. Prolongation of the moratorium clearly will not facilitate the return investors' confidence in developers. Overall same for full restoration construction industry uniquely necessary state intervention.

Question not only allocating laundering. First of all, need the state support of small and medium businesses, and whose representatives are the major investors in the housing market.
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