Which areas will not get cheaper?

09.10.2010 12:00
Which areas will not get cheaper? Building on the question of forecasting the housing market and the land meets the director of "trajectory" Irina Golovneva:

1. An important trend in 2010 can be regarded as the resumption of work at many construction sites in Kiev. According to our estimates, on 30 July 2010 resumed construction of 22% of the objects. In other words, the total volume of unfinished (under construction) 62% of the buildings currently being built, 38% remain frozen. However, the prerequisites for higher prices yet because the mortgage products of banks are not yet available, and alternative credit schemes and installment at the state support has not been developed.
However, the choice of apartments now is large enough. Quickly sold affordable housing class "economy" worth $ 50 000-60 000. On the consumer side also has an interest in new quarters, whose price starts at $ 100,000.
According to our estimates, at the end of the year will increase buyer activity in the primary real estate market.

2. Proposals on the land market today are divided into two groups: the first - this deal building plots, which covers over pricing and demand, the second - it's allotments, located outside the "elite" and not conforming to desired specifications. Of course, in late 2008 - early 2009, prices for parts of high-end decreased to 40%, but it is not comparable with the falling value of the remaining proposals, which reached 50-200%. In 2010, the price reduction on luxury sites we do not expect a chance of even a slight increase in the range of 10% over the first six months. Demand for such land is. Only in our agency over the May-July of this year was sold five expensive areas. They are within 10 miles from the center of Kiev, near Holoseievski area, as well as on the island of semiconductors. Demanded the size of holdings: 15-30 hectare. The cost of land weave - $ 17 000-22 000.
Today is a very relevant and in demand in the market, the so-called "areas of water in close proximity to the Kyiv (10 km), the price starts at $ 15,000 for a hundred. Also popular allotments with access to water in a forested area of 20-30 km from Kiev, the cost is $ 500-7000 per hundred square meters. Lower prices for plots of these categories, we did not expect, because they are of interest for today's buyer. Relative activity is observed in the segment areas located 20 km from Kiev, in the forest zone, in close proximity to infrastructure, with good transport interchange. This category may include land in Brovary, Irpin, Bucha, Belogorodka, Gorenichah, happy, etc.
The market offers today is wide enough for any consumer group, but despite this, further lowering prices, we do not assume. Over the past seven months, cheaper land was not observed, and now we also see no reason to reduce the cost. Therefore, the purchase of the site now consider a good investment of cash.
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