Where to place the pool and garden on Feng Shui?

16.10.2010 08:33
Articles about real estate | Where to place the pool and garden on Feng Shui? This article provides guidance with respect to the device Feng Shui garden and swimming pool. It is recommended to relate chi in places where there are gardens and pool, with a cylindrical other parts of the house. Please note the following rules:

* The location of the swimming pool in a good location is extremely important. Consult on this with geomancy.
* Swimming pool should always be filled with water, preferably - filtered and clean.

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* Swimming pool in the western part of the house can bring misfortune on the family.
* The swimming pool is not recommended to form a rectangle and a polygon.
* Do not place the pool in the center of the house.
* Swimming pool should not be placed on the dais.
* Do not install the drain pipe on all sides by the pool.
* Grotto or a fountain that adorn the pool does not have to be polygonal.
* Grotto should consist of three parts, nadstroennyh one over the other.
* Statues of saints in the garden should not be facing the corner of the house or to the post.
* Grotto should always be lit.
* Withered flowers around the grotto should in time be replaced with fresh, all sorts of breakage fountain is desirable to immediately remove it.
* Tracks in the garden should not be paved with too bizarre to form tiles.
* In the garden there should be stones that resemble the shape of animals.
* Undesirable to put a big tree house.
* Dead trees in the garden should be immediately clear.
* It is desirable that the garden was not thorny trees and bushes.
* To balance for Chi, dig in a cave or under the pool 'five happy things. "
* Water from the swimming pool should not leak into the tank with toxic waste.
* If the garden has a gazebo roof it should not be polygonal.
* For the construction of the grotto and swimming pool, select a suitable date.
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