Where to look for money in real estate?

05.01.2020 01:00
In the average buyer of real estate is not a bank or credit, or deposits. Only in 14.4% of buyers have a valid credit card, 33% have a valid deposit, according to the study of marketing of Spring. Picture: Where to look for money in real estate?Consumers who do not have all the necessary amounts, as a rule, lacking 20-60% of property value. Less than 10% of missing only 3% of customers.

Only a third of customers who do not have the funds to purchase real estate, consider a mortgage as a source of funding. One out of five potential borrower is ready to hire a developer issue. But the main source of financing is a loan from relatives (counting on him about half the buyers).

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The most common shortfall is taken:

- As an interest-free loan from relatives and friends - 43%;

- A bank under a mortgage loan - 26%;

- Secured by other real estate - 15%;

- Installment seller of real estate - 23%;

- A loan at interest from relatives and friends - 11.4%.

Why is this happening?

• 32% interest rates on mortgages with banks - is too high and "floating";

• 25% of buyers do not trust banks: they declare some conditions, but in practice other offer, many customers are afraid to issue a loan;

• 21% of buyers do not have confidence in the future.

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