Where real estate will not fall in price?

05.04.2011 00:05
Articles about real estate | Where real estate will not fall in price? The real estate market, the principle of "word of mouth": one, happy buying customers, share impressions with your friends, friends, and so on. Those, in turn, seek to acquire housing in the same places. That is for the Russians, the pioneers who purchased in 90-ies of housing in Cyprus, French Riviera or Spain, the procession stretched and other compatriots. It turns out that some countries have promoted, others - unfairly overshadowed.

There were no bubbles

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Portugal, which was once a great maritime power, still remains out of view of many Russians. But in vain. This is a fantastic country with a surprisingly beautiful landscapes, nature, picturesque towns and, of course, its main wealth - the boundless ocean. Here, remarkably fresh and fragrant air, delicious fruits and seafood. In addition, this country is replete with monuments and art, many of which are under UNESCO protection. In short, it makes sense to look at the country and not only on the above reasons.

While in some countries, rising real estate prices were galloping in the Portuguese housing market is characterized by stability and consistency. These circumstances in the global crisis became his lifeline: the financial turmoil raised the Portuguese market, to a lesser extent in the absence of an investment bubble. "Balance - the most important feature of Portuguese real estate market, - said Alexander Gladkevich, director of the Status Home in Russia. - While in other European countries, such as in neighboring Spain, the fall in prices in 2009 amounted to 50% in Portugal rapid growth in property prices was not observed, but the decline also occurred. In addition, the government tightly controls developers, limiting the mass housing to the volume of supply has not exceeded the level of demand. "

While for the Russians, Portugal is still terra incognita, the British, Irish, Germans, Dutch, by contrast, have long had their eye on these spaces and be happy to acquire property here. Moreover, the crisis of Portugal has become a kind of substitute Spain for many buyers. Assessing the risks, investors are shifting their attention to this, more secure, market. In the future, the company forecasts Status Home, this trend will continue, so Portugal good prospects for increasing foreign buyers in 2011.

Besides, now on the market are returning customers who have taken a wait. Now they are again ready to invest in square meters most western European countries, which is also a positive factor for the Portuguese property market.

Still, as we know, Portugal, as well as Spain is a country committed to a golf pilgrimage to professionals and amateurs of this game. In the Algarve, for example, built some of the most expensive golf complexes in Europe. This coast is also ideal for beach lovers and surfing. Therefore, we implemented a number of interesting projects, designed for this target audience. At present, experts note, real estate, the resort is popular among the first wave of post-crisis buyers.

On the mainland and islands
Property in Portugal can be bought everywhere as on the mainland, and on its affiliated islands - Madeira and the Azores. Meanwhile, the most popular destinations among foreign buyers - is the Algarve (South Portugal), Portuguese Riviera (Lisbon, Cascais, Estoril), Silver Coast and Madeira.

As in any other country in the world, real estate prices vary by region. The most democratic options can find in the north and in Madeira, where the cost of the "square" in Economy Class start from 800 euros in business class - from 1000, but elite segment - from 2000 euros.

The most prestigious and expensive real estate is located on the Portuguese Riviera - in Lisbon and two resort towns, Cascais and Estoril. There are many luxury villas, the owners of which are stars of show business and cinema. However, supply is limited, which naturally has an effect on prices. Minimum cost per square meter in economy class, as utrverzhdaet Alexander Gladkevich, is 1500 euros in business class - 2000 euro, in a luxury segment - 3000 euros.

In the Algarve, a large range of prices, here you can find cheap apartments cost from 60-80 thousand euros or luxury villa worth a million euros and more. The most prestigious area in this place - the "golden triangle", which is located around the city of Faro (Quita do Lago, Vale de Lobo). This place is the best golf courses, the most clean and long beaches of Portugal. According to experts, property prices in the economy class start at 1800 euros for the "square" in business class - from 2500 euros, and in the elite segment - from 3500 euros. Near the town of Lagos prices markedly lower. For example, the cost per square meter in Economy Class starts from 1200 euros in business class - from 1800 euros, but elite segment - from 2500 euros.

Alluring prospects

According to specialists Status Home, due to increased demand from the British, Germans, Austrians and Russians growth in property prices in Portugal next five years will average 5-7%. At the same time in 2011, prices will not exceed 2-3%, but in 2012-2013 will increase to 4-5%.

At the moment, according to Stanislav Singel, President of International Real Estate Agency Gordon Rock, the Portuguese market still sags, but by the end of 2011 is fully stabilized. Summer 2011, in his opinion, should show a positive trend. "Unlike Spain, in Portugal there is no such zatovarennosti market. In addition, the country known for its excellent golf courses, next to which are built luxury projects. Currently, the real estate market is actively developed: annual construction of new apartment complexes, golf courses, sports centers, various shops, restaurants and cafes, "- said the expert.

Many property owners prefer to spend their holidays in Portugal, which usually lasts 1-3 months, and the rest of the rent an apartment or villa for rent. According to Alexander Gladkevich, the object can be leased for at least 150 days a year, while net profit after deduction of all utility bills and paying agency services amount to 5-7,5% per annum.

Also, buying an apartment or villa in Portugal is ideal for those who prefer long-term investments in overseas property. Housing here never rose in price as rapidly as, for example, in Bulgaria or Montenegro, but, respectively, and became cheaper, which is a good argument for this decision.


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