Where it is better to live: in Kiev or in a suburb?

12.02.2018 01:00
Articles about real estate | Where it is better to live: in Kiev or in a suburb? Which is better: a new building in the Kiev region, a new apartment in the residential area of the city or in its central part? Let's look at examples where it is better to choose housing and what components of the infrastructure should be given special attention.

New buildings in the Kiev region

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Almost in all directions from Kiev, a large number of modern residential complexes have been built. The most popular can be safely called the cities of Vyshgorod, Irpin, Brovary, Cherry, Boryspil, Bucha, Vorzel, Vasilkov. Also part of the proposals fall on intermediate points - urban-type settlements and suburban areas.


The undeniable advantage of new buildings outside the city is environmental friendliness in comparison with the same conditions in Kiev. And it's true - here the air will be a little cleaner.

In addition to the environmental factor, remote location also dictates beneficial pricing features - usually a square meter outside the city costs an order of magnitude lower than it is within the capital.


In most housing estates there is a keen question with kindergartens and schools. Another disadvantage is the very weak level of medicine. Residents of suburban new buildings are forced to use the services of the capital's clinics, because local institutions are often understaffed with facilities, medicines or personnel.

New buildings in the residential areas of Kiev

Sleeping areas are the most popular locations for purchasing their own homes by young families and middle-aged families. In Kiev, the most respected areas in this sense are Holosiivsky and Svyatoshinsky - mainly due to the high ecological and developed infrastructure.


Housing in the residential area of ​​Kiev is, of course, real estate in the city, it is a good investment for the future, adequate living conditions and more or less regulated cost of utilities. Usually close to residential complexes are state gardens and schools, there are large supermarkets and medical facilities.

Another factor in favor of apartments in sleeping areas is their cost. Square meter will be more valuable than in suburban development, but much less at a price, compared with housing in the city center.


Of course, in the residential areas of the city thought out good transport interchanges. But very often it happens that getting to the residential complex is another quest. Well, if the housing is located near the metro and at rush hour you can walk one or two stops on foot, but sometimes it's just physically impossible.

Supermarkets, clinics, entertainment facilities - there are, but there are not so many, and the level of service can be slightly lower than in the center.

New buildings in the center of Kiev

Modern new buildings in the center of Kiev - is, undoubtedly, the best option for buying your own apartment. Pechersky, Podolsky and part of the Shevchenko district are considered the most prestigious and comfortable in terms of high quality of housing conditions, the most developed infrastructure and a very convenient location.


The central part of the city is the heart of the capital, where life rages in all its manifestations. Here are the best restaurants and cafes, modern office centers and medical clinics, shops and beauty salons, the best schools, kindergartens and sports clubs.

As for the new buildings themselves, in the central part of the city they have the best exterior solutions and well-designed internal infrastructure. Such apartments are designed for people who want to have a real European standard of living and feel comfortable in the urbanized city center.


First of all, we must remember that the cost of housing in the city center will always be higher than at a certain distance from the central streets. And this in some cases may be its drawback.

Also, it should be noted that a new building in the city center can not always find a free parking space, so you need to take care of buying or renting a place in the underground parking in advance.

Summarizing all of the above, we can draw a number of very logical conclusions. For those who value their time and want to get a European-level accommodation, one should look for an apartment in the center of the capital. The real life is boiling here, the residential complexes have the best internal and external infrastructure and the most comfortable living conditions. And the question of distance is not worth it at all. It really is the best option for a carefree life in an upscale home!

Housing in remote areas of the city will suit those who expect a more modest budget for housing, but in this case, it is worth agreeing to some restrictions. And sometimes, these restrictions are quite substantial!

For housing outside of Kiev, it is certainly a choice in favor of relative environmental friendliness, but it will always be accompanied by certain inconveniences. The question of the usually problematic transport connection with the city and the lack of quality infrastructure can, from time to time, create not very comfortable living conditions.

The choice is for each of us, and for housing - it's just for you!

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