Where in Panama to live cheaply?

13.09.2010 11:50
In 2007, during the boom in Panama real estate market in the country reached out international investors. This led to an increase not only the quality of construction, but housing prices. Nevertheless, in Panama, there are regions where the cost of real estate and housing remains low.

The most striking example, according to International Living, a resort town of Las Tablas, the provincial capital of Los Santos in the south of Panama. The cost of houses begins here from $ 35 thousand for comparison, an apartment in a new residential complex in the capital area of 90-120 square meters. meters will cost $ 140-200 thousand

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The cost of renting a house or apartment with two bedrooms is in the Las Tablas $ 300-600 per month, utilities, telephone, cable television and the Internet - about $ 180 a month. To buy food and household goods to spend more each month about $ 80-90.

Earlier, the International Living Panama placed on the second line of the rating the most attractive countries for retirees - not least because of the relatively low real estate prices in this country.

Note also that the procedure for purchasing property in Panama is relatively simple, and bought a home worth less than $ 300 thousand receive an additional bonus in the form of exemption from annual property tax for 10 years.
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