Where does Alexander Buynov live?

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Where does Alexander Buynov live? Alexander Buynov - People's Artist, singer, musician, actor, showman and composer. Born in March 1950 in a military town on the border with Moscow. After his birth, the family moved to a communal apartment in Bolshoy Tishinsky Lane. At the insistence of the mother received an initial musical education, and in his school years met with Gradsky and became a keyboard player in the band created by him "Skomorokhi". Left the group because of conscription. After the demobilization he worked in different collectives, until he was tripled in the group "Merry fellows", popular in those years, in which he worked for sixteen years. In the early 90's he started his solo career.

Personal life
The family had three brothers, the elder one was killed in an accident, and the younger one died in 2017, the third brother was retired. All three received an initial musical education and had a direct relationship to the creative activity.

He first married in 1970 to Lyubov Vdovina, but two years later they divorced. The second wife was Lyudmila, from whom in 1972 her daughter Julia was born. This marriage broke up after thirteen years.

The third wife in 1985 was Alena (nee Elena Gutman). He considers this marriage the most successful. Also, Alexander has three grandchildren from her daughter Julia and an illegitimate son, Alexei, born in 1987 from a short holiday romance.

Alexander Buynov's house
His soviet mansion in the village Krekshino singer built more than six years. The design and design of the house was developed independently. As a result, according to the acknowledgment of Buinov and his wife, they got a unique structure, which they called "House of Friendship and Creativity".

On the first floor of a two-storey building with an attic there are two living rooms, one of which is decorated in white and modern style, perfectly combining the rehearsal and soft zones. The second is furnished in a traditional style with oriental motifs. Here there are patinated chairs and an interesting form of chest of drawers with overlays in gilding.

The hosts are great lovers of oriental furniture and figurines, which is why they formed a special corner in the oriental style, in which are gizmos brought from Italy, but uniquely made in the eastern country. This is a mirror with ornament from shells, and a lamp of intricate shape, and a screen that fences the living room from the miniature kitchen. On the shelves of the "eastern living room" is also arranged a lot of books from the tank and hockey, they are collected by the owner.

On the kitchen cupboards attracts attention rarity dishes with a special spray paint. Wooden saucers, plates and a teapot look like stone and are used by Alena directly for the purpose. She is a great lover of green tea and the brewing ceremony tries to fulfill all the requirements of this art.

It is worth noting that Buinov and his wife do not chase after rarity or especially expensive pieces of furniture. Following their ideas, the owners wrote into the interior of the floor lamp with an intricate shade of glass plates, as well as leading to the bewilderment of all guests "bucket with a crane." Not every specialist will guess that this is an air conditioner.

On the second floor there are bedrooms and guest rooms, which have open balconies. On one of them there is a small rest zone. The floors here are lined with a shipboard, and instead of massive furniture there is a wattled one. Also here is one of the collections of cold steel, which is given by friends and admirers of creativity.

In addition to the bedrooms on the top floor there is a room for storing concert costumes. The artist does not put them on auctions, but carefully removes them for storage, suggesting in the future to donate to the museum or use in any program.

On the advice of one of the friends, a low room was attached to the house, where a spa center with a swimming pool, a sauna, a hammam, and simulators was placed and named after a friend - the wing named after Yudashkin.

More than a decade ago, a huge marquee appeared on the territory, hosting more than two hundred guests. He was commissioned by Alain to celebrate his birthday, which they decided to combine with the names of Maxim Galkin.

The area was cleared of excess plants and trees, as well as flooded the foundation. The interior was decorated by the hostess in black, with snow-white elements in textiles. After the celebration, the tent decided to leave, and now all important events are celebrated in it. Several years ago, Buinov's jubilee was celebrated in it.

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