Where and for how much you can withdraw dacha outside Kiev?

01.08.2011 15:45
Articles about real estate | Where and for how much you can withdraw dacha outside Kiev? Despite the fact that the house on summer Kievans start looking for since February, in May, they are still options available.

Ahead of the selling season for parents and school vacations for children. And if the rest mom and dad last two weeks, the children were released to the will as much as three months. Well, if you have the opportunity to go to her parents in the village or at his villa, but what about those who have a house in a village not? Yield - rent. Irina from Kiev Zhidkova told the Gazette ... "that the school their son Nikita two summer months was in kindergarten. And in August, she and her husband could go to rest. But as soon as the boy went to school, the family began to think about what to do in the summer.

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- For computer games, zoo, game entertainment centers occupy a maximum of two weeks. What's next? Sit in a stuffy apartment? So I decided to remove a small dacha near Kiev, - said Irina.

A modest two-story house in a manicured yard Glevahe cost in 2000 USD per month

Parameters of an ideal house Ira are: from Kiev - no more than 100 kilometers, the lake and forest. In the house itself must first be cold and hot water to bathroom was inside, well, it is desirable that had two rooms. The budget for rent - up to 3500 hryvnia.

Cottage in the village of Clear meadow at the Warsaw highway rent for 5000 USD. From Kiev, only 5 km

- To remove a cottage for the money, you need to start calling from the middle of spring - told the Gazette ... "Anastasia Chernova, realtor agency" option + ". - Because the cost options for reserves since January-February. The first diverge "soviet" in Vyshgorodsky give direction in the area of ??the Kiev Sea. Then - houses near Desenka. Basically looking for options for the water, away from heat. In second place - the forest zone.

This "House on Chicken Legs" hosts offer for 3000 USD. But is located in Kiev and the Dnieper near

The only option that was found at Anastasia's house is located 85 km from Kiev, in with. Ulyaniki Kagarlykskogo district, which shall be only for 3000 USD.

- It's a big four-story house, which the owner would pass under the development of green tourism. There are many rooms have all the conditions.

In another agency found a house is even cheaper - 2000 UAH.

- It is located in Glevahe, 20 km from Kiev. Facilities, however, on the street, but there are three rooms and a kitchen - lists Valentina Vasilyeva, realtor, "Tarasovskoye Center Real Estate - far - the market and several shops. True, the owners ask that the children were older - five years. Fear that their little boys garden trampled.

In sec. Cellars, we found a proposal for the 2800 UAH.

- This house type studio apartments, located near the Troyeshchyna, - said Vyacheslav, realtor. - Inside there are all conditions, a small kitchen. Near - the lake, forest, Desna. For a family of three people fit perfectly. Generally, though problem and begin to book since February, in May, yet there are options available. Or withdrawn reservation or owners at the last minute agreed to rent.

For those who wish to remain within the boundaries of Kiev, also have suggestions. For example, for 3000 USD you can rent cottage wooden house on Rusanovsky gardens of the Dnieper. This is an ordinary wooden house with two adjacent rooms and a kitchen. There is a fridge, a toilet on the street, outside shower, garage. Section 6 acres, fruit trees.

For 8000 USD you get at the disposal of a three-storey house in the area Osokorki. On the ground floor kitchen, fireplace and a bathroom. On the second floor children's room and large bedroom with a terrace. On the third floor is one large bedroom. In the yard - swimming pool.

Most popular suburban areas today - Vyshgorod, Boryspil, Zhitomir, Obukhov and Odessa.

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