When you see the effective demand, there will be shortage of housing

29.11.2011 07:45
Articles about real estate | When you see the effective demand, there will be shortage of housing "Kyivmiskbud" supports the draft Strategy for the Development of Kiev until 2025, which initiated the metropolitan power. The holding company has its own development strategy: long-and short-term.

We are in the same way as the city authorities to develop an integrated approach of the company. The basis of our strategy has specific objectives, chief among them: the construction of economy-class housing for the Ukrainians, providing affordable housing for all who need to improve their housing conditions including and vulnerable people. To fulfill these goals we employ launchers and zadelnye program next five years.

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I must say that the plans for the holding company - quite ambitious. In 2012, we plan to deliver at home w / m Osokorki 6 Samal., House № 5,4 at home w / m Poznyaki 2 Samal., The second stage. We also plan to commission an LCD "Zlatoust", 5, and 6-Section, Yellow, "New Demeevsky", which is located at 150-162 Avenue Chervonozoriany, RC "Perovskiy" - a house commissioned by MIA. As for the houses in which the apartments will be provided for those affected by the activities of the group of companies "Elita-Center", we are ready to sit at home on the streets: Armenian, Khorolsky, Drahomanova Radunsky, Revutskiy, Garmatnaya. Total plans to hand over more than 300 000 sq. km. m of housing in Kiev in 2012 is particularly important for us today is zadelnaya program, as demand for housing is sufficiently intense, people create a family, settle, require improvement of living conditions, and in the future when you are purchasing power, it may be the lack of housing. Now many companies that are building here and now one or two houses. But the process of developing new sites and the construction itself rather laborious and time-consuming, which requires some experience, especially if the issue is to work with budgets. Task 'Kievgorstroy "to think and work for the future, explore new areas to build houses, in which over 15 years will be happy to live Kiev.

Michael Golitsa President
Kyivmiskbud - holding company
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