When will new projects on the 2010 suburban real estate market?

24.11.2010 09:20
Articles about real estate | When will new projects on the 2010 suburban real estate market? Suburban real estate market "froze" in anticipation of new projects in 2010. After a two-year lull, the market once again returned to the big developers. Accurate, balanced steps on stage the first post-crisis settlement - "Trouville", "Riga quarter, Zavidovo. What is their key difference from the pre-crisis predecessors? On this and other explained to readers GdeEtotDom.RU Director of the suburban real estate company Penny Lane Realty, Dmitry Tsvetkov.

Recently, more people are talking about the imminent emergence of new projects in the suburban housing market, which will bring something fresh and interesting. Did the crisis in the market and does not add any project? And just now the developer has not only materially but also morally ready for construction?

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Why, in 2009, and in 2010 went on the market for new projects. But mostly it projects the economy class, offering for sale that have not yet built: or simply sites or sites with contract. For example, during 2010 the market went about 150 new villages. And approximately 75-80% of them - camps, offering land without a contract for a good distance from Moscow.

Under the new high-quality projects, we understand the interesting architectural decisions, a conceptual master plan, innovative ideas for something unique location. In a nutshell - everything that will attract the attention of connoisseurs and lovers of country real estate. Only in the second half of 2010 began to appear such projects. One of the first in a draft Zavidovo on the Leningrad highway, the village of "Trouville" by Minsk direction, "Riga quarter" on the Volokolamsk. In the very near future we expect to see the village "Isterlend" from "KONTI.

The main question: what is the fundamental difference between such qualitative settlement in 2008 from birth 2010?

I think that first of all, they will stand a much lower price. For example, in one of the fresh "Novorizhsky" projects "Isterlend" home will cost about 600-700 thousand dollars. Earlier in this place, at a distance of only 20 km from Moscow, for a sum in general it was impossible to buy property. These prices are comparable to prices in 2005-2006.

As the developer will so substantially lower price and thus stand a reasonable rate of return? Quality suffers?

On the contrary, in this village on the quality of homes is likely to surpass what is available in the immediate vicinity. This will be cottages, built of expensive until recently, the increased size of bricks. Each of these bricks replaces multiple standard. This is a very energy efficient Western technology, which allows further minimize the cost of heating homes. The developer simply has managed to build a factory for the production of bricks, which were previously purchased abroad and now runs the building.

Price decreases due to the fact that new projects will be cut square and the house and grounds. If, before the crisis was regarded as the standard plot of 15-20 acres, but now it's 10-15. Home also "tightened" in size to fit in the new price format. I think it will be about 250 square meters. meters - enough to have everything you need and, thus, afford certain luxuries as a fourth bedroom, a small library or study.

That is a modest price - it is solely the result of minimizing the area of the house and land?

Perhaps in some villages the quality of materials used will be slightly worse. If before and the developer and the buyer relied on the house of bricks, and today he and the other chooses that quickly built. Today's developer is not counting on early sales in the township. Creating a favorable investment environment in the form of a monthly price increase of 2-3%, before affecting the stimulation of consumer activity, for today is not a lever of influence. An investor should be aware that the high sales are allowed at a high stage of readiness of the project - about 70-80%.

Before the crisis, suburban real estate market has become quite sophisticated. The buyer was spoiled for choice of quality supply. He selected and compared.

A significant proportion of the budget settlement was spent developer to "wrapper": the creation of interesting general layout, elevation of large public areas, innovative design the whole project. What happens now? Will the developer to save it?

Now the main task of the developer, in some way risks his release on not finally got stronger market for a new project - to entice a buyer. If he let illiquid settlement, it simply will not find their clients.

Today, the developer must seek to return him go before he will finish before the end of the village. To do this he must draw the attention of well-proven, favorite things customers. Such as a great place, do not overcharge and beautiful concept. And I think that any new "smart" project will have these characteristics.

If we consider all proposals presented today in the market, 80 percent of it - "Lifeless", that is illiquid with inflated price. If the developer to market the same is not interesting and beautiful project, then he will have no future. Although any project in the property market there are no problems that would not dare lower prices.

According to experts, suburban real estate market is again ready to return to compete with bank deposits, real estate prices are rising. What hinders the emergence of massive new projects? Lack of professional training? The difficulty of obtaining loans?

Developers do not take new projects, not because they do not have their own surplus funds, or hard to get a loan, but because there is no mass market customer. If you are a buyer - there will be construction. To date, customer demand has formed at the level of real estate agencies, we are talking about dozens of transactions per month. Before the advent of mass-market need a little more time. As soon as the opportunity to sell for 150-200 homes per month in one village, immediately appear and money, and managers, and developers.
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