When the property market will return investors?

24.09.2010 20:33
Articles about real estate | When the property market will return investors? Of course, no one will argue that with money you can survive any crisis and to overcome all its negative consequences. And what if there is no money? Then, you'll excuse me, "pipe"!

The same applies to the construction, and the real estate market as a whole. Currently, the housing market drags dismal existence, and housing in general is knocked out, writes Meget.

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And save the market, and builders can only cash infusion. And money, as is known, investors who have left the market and are in no hurry to invest in housing construction.

Apparently, investors believe that event was not profitable and unprofitable to himself. When, finally, investors will return and what will it take?

First, investors can draw, no doubt, the growth pace of construction, since the cost of apartments in the early stages of construction of dwelling houses are much cheaper.

This refers to the zero cycle, or the organization of the construction site. Having bought on the cheap in what the finished house can sell much more expensive and cut cabbage. " In short, it turns out that "the game is spent at her candle, and this is exactly what attracts investors.

Second, investors will return only if the builders and developers will strengthen its position in the public eye. It is no secret that nowadays people do not have confidence in the housing being built, and unfortunately for developers, too.

Thus, we can conclude that both the above conditions could be hard, even in the foreseeable future. In addition, the population lost its solvency and its welfare is poor. Again, everything depends on the economy, which continues until now "lie on your side."

And this, believe me, a very bad sign for investors. Therefore, investors take a long time to hit the market, and housing will remain without investment.
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