When it's affordable mortgage?

01.11.2010 10:43
Articles about real estate | When it Out of the crisis marks the return to pre-crisis orders, one of which was available loans of the housing market.

That's the view not only the majority of ordinary citizens, but some experts.

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In particular, recently sounded forecasts that interest rates for mortgages in 2011 will drop to 13-14%. It is completely humane to date figures. But those same experts have voiced a "by-factor" for such behavior of the market - banks reportedly intend to move to floating interest rates. In other words, to change the terms of the contract with the customer at its sole discretion, raising or lowering interest rates depending on the current situation and status in the bank.

It is clear that a sophisticated collaboration with government agencies and financial corporations, a Ukrainian in the last turn will be ready to believe that interest payments will vary in its favor. Who then will go to the bank for a loan? And whether there will be advertised mortgage renewal?

People's Deputy, Regions Alexei Plotnikov sure that the Ukrainian economy is recovering, but because the basic rate loans will be low and fixed.

"I think the recovery is inevitable, because the light cycles of development and global and national economies, now just go up cycle. And time will restore, it will drop the rate on the mortgage, of course, normalized rates on loans, "- he said.

"With regard to floating rates, then you need to look specifically. If the economy does well, then I think we can maintain a fixed rate, if it shakes, then a floating. In terms of normalization of economic development, I think there is no reason for a floating rate ", - the Carpenters.

Of no economic recovery of speech does not lead economist Victor Lissitzky. He believes that the causes of the Ukrainian crisis is deeper than just the inclusion in the global financial context.

"In the context of an economy which is the Ukrainian economy, to try to fix the rates - it is to deceive ourselves, because until we are very far from stability. The reasons for our instability lie in the fact that our economy has not really retooled, we have the structure of production disgusting. The crisis came to us through a crazy fall in exports, what was not in one country "- he said.

"We just drove to the" bazaar ", as some zamuhryshek who came up with substandard goods. And it will last very long, and at the policy, which lasted for 18 years, it is difficult when it's something else.

Therefore, the floating rate - it is quite justifiable approach. And as 13-14%, then all this goes. If you look closely at trends, I think it is quite legitimate "- predicts Lissitzky.

BYuT deputy Natalie King said the cause of improving the conditions of housing loans inflated the liquidity of domestic banks.

"What now is reducing rates on loans, it is obvious, because the banks are all sitting with inflated liquidity due to the lack of stable borrowers plus reduced the refinancing rate of the National Bank", - she said.

Royal said that the Ukrainian financial system is not ready to mortgage loans in the "civilized" conditions: under 5% per annum for 15-20 years, rather than under 20% for 5-7 years.

"With regard to floating mortgage rates, we then come back to the loan default. If there is an international system plus a staggering rate - is one thing, if we give the banks the right to unilaterally make a floating mortgage system, of course, this is a huge risk. And with today's volatility, I believe this is unrealistic, "- said the People's Deputy.

No reason to improve the market does not see the president of the Association of Ukrainian Banks Oleksandr Sugonyako.

"I do not see any action that would have prompted an increase in Ukrainian production, more jobs and employment of the Ukrainian population. Accordingly, I do not trade offers, but I see social demand and socio-political use of the budget, which will unwind inflation ", - he admitted.

In circumstances where the real sector does not make money, talk about their appearance in the financial system is impossible, he said.

"I do not see that growing incomes. And so the prospect of a state system for the development of the housing market, construction, it is hardly possible ", - said Sugonyako.

Now everything is bad - in solidarity with the Director of Donetsk branch of the National Institute for Strategic Studies Yury Makogon. Possible improvements, he dates the year 2012.

"At best, it does not even in 2011, and in 2012, because today only emerged out of the recession in the Ukrainian economy. With an investment of problems are great. And already the year ends, but for 2011 will not have time "- he said.

With respect to the floating interest "expert stated unequivocally:

"Certainly, for the borrowers is a dangerous situation that puts them in a difficult position, and they are at risk and uncertainty because of this."

Interviewed From-UA experts for the most part are far from optimistic. Timid rays of his breaking through the harsh digits of their forecasts, but their mere existence provides hope - a year ago and they were not. Perhaps indeed it is too early to say at this time to resume full-fledged credit household needs of the Ukrainians. But talk about this in the future tense may have even experts possessing the necessary information.

Hence, it remains just a little wait for the future of one morning will not be present - thus, with its own roof over your head and debt to the bank, which many cursed the fall of 2008, when Ukraine came unexpectedly in the global financial crisis ...
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