When investment purchases are profitable?

04.11.2010 11:30
Articles about real estate | When investment purchases are profitable? Depending on the state of the economy market of new buildings tending to one of two extremes. When it's time of crisis, becomes relevant at home as a high degree of readiness, with preference given to ordinary types of projects, as they usually do not become protracted. In the opposite phase, at the peak of development, successfully selling out the objects that you can only see a beautiful picture. However, there are intermediate options that characterize precisely the situation of today, while combining the reliability and investment potential.

Ready for anything
It is now remembered as a past nightmare picture of rampant stop construction projects in the early winter months of 2009. Work had not been maintained for more than half of all construction sites in the capital region. In these circumstances, customers' confidence has been used only as a ready housing primary market. And even then, experts have not tired of repeating that under the existing problems with the financing facilities, there is always a risk that even ready for 90% of home builder with the most impeccable reputation may one day turn into a long-term construction.

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In this situation, the market has a new category of pre-crisis standards of new buildings - finished house, in which the apartments were sold to the finish. The buyer immediately after the payment of a new home could get the keys and without having to worry about repairs, right to import furniture and celebrate a housewarming. What is curious, ready housing appeared mainly in the segment of economy class. The most popular sites include, for example, standard housing with trim in the neighborhood "Yaroslavl" in Mytishchi and one of the buildings in the neighborhood "Volga", where options with the final repair (it is usually called municipal) to compete on price with the apartments and in the same neighboring buildings where required to invest in the conversion of apartments into the finished housing.

This trend is very clearly demonstrated it is a crisis the trend in the market of new buildings. According to specialists, the percentage of new apartments for matured at any time up to 7% of the total supply of new buildings. Moreover, as a marketing course in selling just yet built houses began to be applied to fulfill the promise the final finish and send an apartment buyers are already able to ready the home - but not immediately, but upon completion of construction in the future.

Thaw and fantasies about the future
One of the first signs of recovery of the market of new buildings has been increasing consumer interest in the home not only almost ready, but being in the middle phase of construction. This happened as a spontaneous fall of 2009, when many began to realize that the bad times pass slowly, and the real estate market is slow and went right to the amendment.

Just then there was the other extreme of the market. This is sort of the opposite built homes with renovated apartments, namely the so-called investment properties. So the market of new homes are usually called, are sold with a substantial discount, but only started to build. In fact, the site may be excavation work. Thus, in the eastern part of the middle suburbs just a revival of the market appeared a large investment object. "Shining City" by now in the implementation stage of excavations. The meaning is that investors have proposed to take the risk - the average price of a meter there was significantly lower than that of any other new buildings given geographic area.

The risk that construction will continue for a long time always exist, and much more. But as the saying goes, nothing ventured ... you know. Nevertheless, there is a significant drawback of investment options. Yield from the purchase of new buildings with the possibility of a long history of the birth may be at an annual rate come to naught. On the very worst case scenario and making investors defrauded real estate investors and do not even want to talk.

Optimal mean
However, strangely enough, found a third category of objects. On the one hand, they are investment: investing in them in the first stage of construction, you can get a good yield, comparable to the profit the investor of a project buildings. On the other hand, such objects have a high degree of reliability. This is usually the new line is already well-known projects that developers managed to keep the crisis from collapse, and even contrary, to have time to bring an earlier stage to the final stage of work and commissioning of houses of the state commission.

The most recent and interesting enough in the investment plan of such objects is a new part of the village "Saltykovka Prestige" project company "Condrey.

This is the third phase of the project, which includes eight four-storey houses, each of 30 apartments. Construction of this part of town just begun, but fairly convincing argument for the successful future of new homes are almost finished building the first phase, which in a literal sense, we can touch it: surrender of the first 14 homes slated for later this year, workers are now have the final finish common areas .

Home of the third stage as a whole will be almost the same as already built in the village Saltykovka Prestige "housing, except that the difference in the use of panoramic glazing, which extends in the apartment, when the major variants of two-level space and by the fact that under the new queue in the village will have another kindergarten.

However, a real sense for investors is that buying an apartment in the early stages of construction can benefit. If the finished houses apartments are now sold at a price of 75 thousand rubles per meter, the new - from 63 thousand. After 8-9 months, are required to perform the main part of construction work, the price of a meter just to the extent of growth of real estate will increase willingness to at least 20%. Another 10% increase in investment will add inflation, at last, after registration of apartments in the property, they will add to the price of more than 10%, which is normal for the market of new housing. Total gets about 40%, which in principle is comparable with the yield proper development projects.

In addition, an essential point and feature of the village "Saltykovka Prestige" is its excess liquidity. Lodging here will always be in demand, not only because of the natural environment and convenient communication with the city (to the nearest metro station about a quarter of an hour), but because of the availability of social infrastructure of both the settlement Saltykovka and own services of the village. These include not only the mini-market and a pharmacy, a fitness center and cafe, but, as already mentioned, two kindergartens. In walking distance is available, there are shops, and public school and sports complex (300 meters from the house) with tennis courts and a swimming pool, and a grocery market, and even horse-sport facilities, in general, anything that might need a modern city dweller who wants to live in low and in environmentally friendly natural setting.
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