When choosing a house, remember about the ecology

05.12.2010 12:59
Articles about real estate | When choosing a house, remember about the ecology Buying a vacation home, we strive to leave the bustling city, with its not the most conducive environmental conditions. Long been observed that a person can develop harmoniously just next to nature. In this regard, quite surprising impressive demand for quality suburban housing, which is observed today. So, according to news agency Rosbalt, now 78% of respondents, residents of large cities, are considering a country house as a real alternative to the apartment and in the future would like to move to live in the suburbs.

But let's not forget that the suburb of suburbs - are different. Enchanted minute impression of the river and the forest of boron near by, the citizen can not buy that house, which he dreamed. For example, it turns out that the forest there are abandoned chemical warehouse, and the house was not built from environmentally friendly materials. To avoid these disappointments, you need more attention to land and house, which we choose for themselves and their children.

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Choose a place on the map
What criteria should guide wishing to settle in the suburbs? Of course, the environmental benefits a specific locality, but, alas, the concept is too vague. So it should turn to a more accurate scientific analysis.

About five years ago, the Ministry of Health has ordered Russia Research Institute of Ecology Russian ecological map of our country. Frankly, the picture has turned out not happy. On the map were identified broad areas colored in yellow (radiation exposure), brown (chemical pollution). This area of little or no uninhabitable.

Now many Russian regions, where they constitute detailed environmental maps. They include maps of soil contamination with heavy metals, air pollution by industrial waste, a geological map of tectonic faults, radonovydeleny and contamination of groundwater radon and other chemical elements. For example, on the map to electromagnetic influences can be seen, where are all the power lines and thus shown a danger to residents because of the presence of strong electromagnetic field.

All data collected on the ecology on the level of individual cities and towns are incorporated into a comprehensive environmental maps. Homebuyers, they prompt dangerous and, conversely, a favorable place to stay. Some real estate agencies in Moscow suburban real estate buyers can now get this service in order to make the right choice.

Home-style Echo
The right place for the house - only half the battle. Even if you bought a house in the ecologically clean area, it does not guarantee that it meets safety criteria. No less important, and how and what materials it is built, whether it warm, cozy and safe.

Perhaps the most fully the concept of healthy and safe housing embodied in the idea of Green Buildings, from which you can borrow a lot of useful information. Eco-house must meet the following characteristics: energy efficiency, non-aggressive towards the environment and its inhabitants, the maximum autonomy of life-support systems.

It is no coincidence one of the most important characteristics of Green Buildings is efficiency, ie reduction of the limit heat loss and, accordingly, a substantial reduction in heating costs. And, it should be noted, modern building technology can achieve impressive results. Already, in Western Europe generally are built energy efficient homes that consume energy is ten times less than conventional buildings. On their heating spent less than 7 Wh / m (or 15 kWh on the cubic meters per year).

Achieved this efficiency by using a set of architectural and design solutions. So, to make maximum use of solar energy for lighting and heating, the house is shaped polyhedron, in which the greatest number of windows face south. But the main contribution to the energy efficiency of homes is making a comprehensive use of high-performance insulation solutions for the drastic reduction of heat loss through walls, roof and foundation.

High ability to retain heat - is not the only requirement for quality insulation "healthy" homes. It is very important to observe conditions such as incombustibility and vapor permeability.

Since the first requirement it is clear - insulation must not only retain heat inside the house, but also prevent the risk of fire and fire spread. Thermal insulation materials of stone wool to meet these requirements, unlike organic foam insulation, which will contribute to the buildup of fire.

Water vapor permeability is important for maintaining a stable and favorable microclimate of premises. If at warming the house used Breathable insulation solutions are not disrupted the natural movement of water vapor out through the building envelope. Thus, the moisture does not remain on the premises and does not accumulate in the interior walls, which improves the microclimate and substantially increases the service life of structures.

Experts recommend a specially designed insulation solutions, whose components are selected according to the parameters of fire and water vapor permeability. Thus, in tonkoshtukaturnuyu facade insulation system ROCKFACADE includes non-combustible mineral components, including insulation boards FRONT BATTS ™ based on stone wool.

Consistently healthy atmosphere
Healthy and safe houses can be built only with the use of environmentally friendly materials based on natural raw materials. Moreover, the concept of "green" here is not merely the absence of harmful substances from the materials during the operation, but a more comprehensive index. Production of building and finishing materials should not harm nature, and, moreover, should be capable of their safe disposal after the end of life.

One of the most affordable eco-friendly materials to build a country house is a tree. The interest in environmentally friendly technologies of building houses and realtors say. Popular and contemporary frame-panel technology, and log cabins of round logs or timber.

Constantine Kirpichnikov, Special Projects Manager of the company Zeta Realty, as an example of one of the most promising environmental technologies is called design of glued profiled beam used in the homes of the Istra Country Club in the suburbs. This is the latest, but still quite expensive wood processing technology, which allows maximum advantage of natural materials.

Rule for selecting materials for environmentally friendly option is valid not only for walling, but also for interior decoration at home. First of all, we should be afraid of low-quality materials - no matter whether they are natural or artificial origin. So, steles on the floor of this seemingly natural material like wood flooring, we can not be sure that it contains a special coating and impregnation, do not emit the air pollutants. Substandard carpeting, linoleum or wallpaper can also contain a "bunch" of substances such as styrene, acetophenone, sulfur dioxide. As a result, the house may be exceeded the maximum permissible concentration (MPC) of toxic and irritating substances.

Naturally, without a thorough analysis in the laboratory can not determine the quality of a material. But a guarantee of product quality in terms of its lack of adverse health advocates health certificate, which must require the suppliers or vendors.

Note that currently in Russia a number of construction and finishing materials in general can not be used without such certificates. These materials include decorative tiles from natural stone, ceramic granite, slag concrete, gravel, sand, cement, bricks, etc.

Thermal insulation materials are also included in the list of goods subject to mandatory certification. The quality of any insulation material confirmed at least three documents: a certificate of fire safety, sanitary-epidemiological certificate and certificate of compliance issued on the basis of technical evidence of the Russian State Construction Committee. Mandatory certification in this case due to the importance of this type of material for safety and security of the building. And, of course, only quality insulation solutions help keep the house healthy microclimate.

Also a good guarantee of quality experience can serve as a reputable manufacturer. After all, building materials, "name" appear on the light, going multi-tier system of quality control and are subject to periodic testing. So, seeing the package with slabs of stone wool logo ROCKWOOL, the world leader in the production of non-combustible insulation, the consumer receives the assurance that in his arms safe and durable material.

Environmental friendliness and security of the home should become one of the main criteria of a reasonable and prudent choices that we make for ourselves and our children. This can be regarded as long-term investment that many decades will pay dividends in the form of warmth and comfort. The more that the modern construction market in Russia offers all the technology and materials to build a truly healthy home, which serve more than one generation residents.
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