When and who will be available for «affordable housing»?

14.10.2010 10:30
Articles about real estate | When and who will be available for «affordable housing»? "The level of income for most of us do not give the right to social housing, but is not sufficient for self-purchase of flats.

Recently learned that there is in the Ukraine program "Affordable Housing". Who can be a party to it? "- Asks our reader P. Velyaminov.

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The definition of "affordable housing" we first heard three years ago when they were taken a few regulations on the matter. In accordance with the law, "Affordable housing is defined as housing that is acquired by citizens that are on line to improve housing conditions by means of state support."

A "State support" is to reduce the interest rate on loans or partial payment from the state-funded, subject to the investor at least 30 percent of the cost of housing.

The right to grant state support due to budgetary funds amounting to 30 percent of the purchase price for affordable housing (and receiving preferential mortgage loans) are: 1) Citizens serving on the housing register, and 2) citizens, the average monthly gross income which, together with their families in the calculation for one person does not exceed four times the average monthly wage in the region (Goskomstat), 3) other citizens, which, according to the decision of local executive authorities, including the list of persons eligible for affordable housing. State support is provided once the rate of not more than 21 square meters. meters of total area per person and additional 10.5 square meters. meters per family.

To participate in this program in 2010, the interdepartmental commission were selected in Kharkov, five residential houses. It's 311 apartments with total area of 23.9 thousand square meters. meters. A session on September 22, Kharkiv City Council adopted a municipal program of affordable housing in Kharkov in 2010 - 2017. But as you know, any program remains on paper, if not backed by financing. In 2008 - 2009 years, this question has remained unresolved.

Only in the State Budget for 2010 have been allocated 330 million hryvnia for the program "Affordable Housing". Of these, the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction of Ukraine (it is responsible for providing affordable housing), yet received less than a third - 100 million hryvnia. It is estimated that such money can build about 900 apartments.

Few, of course. But there are still local budgets. For the construction of affordable housing in Kharkov from the city budget in 2010 allocated one million hryvnia. And just before 2017 is planned to attract and spend for these purposes 36 million hryvnia from the city budget and more than 1,3 billion hryvnia from the state. It is assumed that these facilities will add over 4.5 billion hryvnia their money future homeowners - about 13.5 thousand families of Kharkiv. Then for them the price of apartments will be two times lower than the market average.

Now, when finalized budget for 2011, already known to the amount of money that will ask for a program of affordable housing ministry - 390 million hryvnia.

As the Minister for Regional Development and Construction Vladimir Yatsuba, under such construction in the coming year will allocate 2,5 thousand hectares of land. But it is also possible allocation of funds for taking communications to the objects that will be built on this land. Incidentally, all installation and construction work on construction sites that are included in this program will be exempt from VAT.
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