What's holding back the development of cottage property?

04.10.2010 20:21
Articles about real estate | What On this issue correspondent portal Zagorodna.com received today, September 23, the response during a roundtable on "Problems and Prospects of the Kiev metropolitan area" from the mouth of the president of corporation "Diogrupp Oleg Homko.
Oleg believes that the development of cottage villages in the Kiev region affected by several factors.
The first of these is the development of general infrastructure in the form of cafes, restaurants, schools, kindergartens, shopping mall, cinemas, etc. in the Kiev region.
"The existing infrastructure is obsolete and does not meet untimely and requirements of the new residents of cottage townships," - says Oleg.

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The second problem that exists among builders and developers of cottage townships - the lack of engineering infrastrury on land and near settlements.
"This leads to a significant rise in the cost of a" square "in the cottage. Laying of engineering networks, supply of gas, water, electrical, landscaping, construction of access roads - all of this heavy burden on the builder and, accordingly, an investor. Builder all starts with zero. Due to this, construction costs for the city caught up with the cost of construction in the capital, "continued the gentleman-Homko.
According to Oleg Homko, the state does not kompansiruet cost developers in the supply of utilities and infrastructure development in the construction of cottage townships.
Third most important cause of deterrence cottage construction, according to Oleg Homko is otstutstvie government programs to support low-rise building, the lack of affordable credit and mortgages for both developers and prospective investors.
The fourth reason Oleg Homko sees in the legislative unresolved, concerning the development of cottage villages in Ukraine. In particular, Oleg believes that it is necessary at the legislative level to resolve the issue of registration (registration) in the horticultural associations outside the settlements.

Director of the Institute "Grazhdanselstroy Alexander Chizhevsky and chief architect of Kiev Sergey Tselovalnik supported Mr. Homko and was told that the reason is the wrong approach, ignorance of the law. In their mutual opinion, all the cottage towns should be part of the settlements, and their apartment blocks and include organically in the general plan of the settlement.
Victor Kovalenko
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