What you should know when choosing a property abroad?

06.09.2010 09:10
Pondering on buying property in another country, you need to understand that overseas will have to get used to new life. Do not forget that the first time a means of transportation around the city will be just a taxi.

So, here is a comparative analysis of taxi services in different cities, conducted by the European real estate agency.

Legendary London black cabs - the best in the world, while in Paris or New York cabbies found grossest.

Of course, the London cabs - one of the most expensive in the world, however, friendly drivers, security, and a thorough knowledge of the city worth it.

Yellow Taxi New York became the second survey, even though the drivers are extremely rude and lack of education, second only to Paris taxi drivers.

Taxi drivers in Rome differ poor knowledge of traffic rules and careless driving. In Sydney, the same taxi is not available to all, and only wealthy people can afford to move around the city this mode of transport.

At the same time, Australian drivers are not so aware of their city, as far as price their services.

In third place taxi Tokyo, followed by Berlin and Bangkok, known for its "fat-the fat." Also in the first ten taxi Madrid, Copenhagen, Dublin, Frankfurt and Paris.
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