What you should know about the site owner townhouse?

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Articles about real estate | What you should know about the site owner townhouse? Format townhouse does not involve large tracts of land. However, a small area can get a taste of country life and become a little "bourgeois." But before you design the project site, to purchase plants and building materials for the gazebo, we recommend carefully examine all the documents and verify the promises of the developer - will land in the ownership or lease that you can build on it, whether it will be of sufficient size or larger part of the "otest 'house and parking space.

Size of plots

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The size of plots, together with the proposed town houses, usually in the range of 5.1 acres, but the average lot size is 2 weave. For townhouses, located not in the townships and residential complexes near the apartment buildings, the size of plots more modest - from 0.5 to 2 acres.

The most common site is located behind the house, that is, each section in the owner's townhouse has its own back yard. However, there are options when the front of the house also has a small area with a lawn and / or parking space (in some projects economy-may not be a back yard). The form sections can be different. This is usually a rectangular area, the end sections are areas in the form of the letter "G" (at the rear exit and along the end wall). Failure is considered to be - long and narrow. This site probably looks like a sidewalk.

Place for "iron friend"

The issue of parking for the owners of townhouses is always less intense than the residents of apartment buildings. Even if not allocated to a special parking space, the car can always be put next to the house on the total area. In many projects, developers provide a special parking area near the entrance to the villa, designed for 1-2 cars. In the more expensive projects often provide a garage on the first floor of the townhouse.

Usually, the place itself under the house and under the parking space is not included in the designated area of ​​the site developer. But sometimes developers measure the area, together with the built-up area. In this case, we must subtract the total area of ​​50 - 150 square meters. m (0.5 - 1.5 sq.m.) at home and 12 - 15 sqm for parking.

In some cases, an additional public parking, which allows not to overload the road near the home place.

Allowed almost all

If the site is owned by the owner of the townhouse (in this case, each section of the townhouse should have its own wall, even if the section adjacent to each other), he can do with their land whatever, except for the erection of permanent structures (ie . buildings with foundation). However, developers are still trying to limit the construction of large or unsightly structures (eg, garage, bath houses, a barn), because it can not only spoil the overall appearance of the village, but also disturb the neighbors - for example, they block the light. Regulate the use of the site can be a AJOAH, but this method does not prohibit a tenant to build a barn. Rather, count on the consciousness of residents and their sense of beauty.

Often blocks of townhouses are executed as apartment buildings. Land under houses in shared ownership tenants, and the area in front of home ownership can theoretically stay in the property developer and to give tenants in rent. In this case, the site uses prescribed in the contract of employment.


However, such problems are not encountered most of the experts. According to them, often on a small area at the townhouse residents are placed benches, a barbecue area, swings, gazebo, garden.

What to put on the site, each owner decides on the basis of their own taste preferences. However, you can give some generic advice, allowing the use of a small area is beautiful and functional. Often planted near the house of fir or pine tree - it will create the mood throughout the year, and once a year to get a chic dress, pleasing both adults and children, and the owners, and neighbors.

Also popular are the rock gardens. This design is made of stone and special plants is good because it can be updated periodically. There are even those who are doing something remotely resembling a "rock garden": also a good option - leaving the "0", and the effect of 100% - stylishly and concisely. The most "advanced" masters of small area creates a mini-garden "continuous blooming" with the obligatory presence of the bloom at different times of plants: fruit trees, shrubs, flowers with different bloom periods.
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