What will the Ukrainian peasants to land reform

19.01.2011 00:10
Articles about real estate | What will the Ukrainian peasants to land reform Destroying private entrepreneurs, the government took up the peasants. They are waiting for land reform, which would make agricultural land a commodity. But the peasants had not the slightest chance of influencing the shape of the land market.

The main problem of agriculture - a shortage of money directly into production, and then, and for high-quality processing products of the village. It is this deficit in the 90's was the main reason that the then leaders of the country have enacted a moratorium on the sale of agricultural land, says TSN.

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However, the moratorium has not become a pillar which would help landowners to rise from his knees. Not being able to sell the land, the peasants were forced to either handle it yourself, trying to build farms or land for lease. And more - handed over because of the notorious lack of money large farms. Thus, for example, MHP Igor Tarasyuk.

Within a few years the owners of land shares have been trapped in the pathetic power scaling collective - collective agricultural enterprises, the primary objective was to surrender units for rent. And now, for the most part, are forced to rely on the mercy of tenants, which, in the short-term lease of land drains within two or three years, and then move on to other territories.

Considering that the rental value of the units often do not exceed the price of a few bags of grain, by allowing the sale of land, the state will certainly make life easier for farmers who can sell their shares. Theoretically.

Old New Year President gave villagers a great gift. He announced the beginning of the preparation of a full-scale land reform, which resulted in the land, finally, will be sold.

It's no secret - the Ukrainian black soil among the most fertile in Europe. And it seems that if the government makes a strong-willed step and start the land market, while in domestic agriculture will flow to invest billions. And agriculture at a low cost of labor may become the most competitive in Europe.

Maybe. But why not become one until now? Because agricultural firm is much easier to develop the leased land, paying a penny for her prices, rather than carefully handle sites that are paid for full-weight (and even non-European, but all the same) price.

And despite the fact that the rental scheme is still there on the horizon because so far not appeared a crowd of foreign farmers, carrying his billions on the development of Ukrainian agriculture. Because the most fertile black earth grows not only potatoes, but corruption is rampant with the state mafia, requiring investors to interest rates. And the best - share. Not giving that to the quiet work can not even count.

Destroy a presidential reform of these, the corner-stones of the problem? Certainly not.

Puppet voting, which now holds the Parliament of all laws and projects that fall into the Rada of the president's administration, show that the peasants will not be the slightest chance of influencing the shape of the land market.

It will be what they want to see him presidential officials (and most importantly - lobbyists familiar with them), rather than villagers. Lobbyists of the creation of a land market - so for example, as a tenant of the land unit of several hundred thousand hectares Tihipko - just the conditions for buying plots.

With prices per hectare of agricultural land on average 1000 euros cheaper than in EU countries, the long-term investment in shares can make good money. If we assume that in Ukraine, 41.8 million hectares of agricultural land, after the lifting of the moratorium, they will turn into a commodity, the purchase of which 10-15 years can turn a profit of 41 billion dollars. Without any processing and development investments. Simply because of the price difference. A classic case of the capitalists to redistribute public goods in their favor.

Well, what will be on land reform, peasants? Authorities said - freeing. Exemption, which will be expressed in the possibility to buy the proceeds from the sale of shares money - Plasma and vehicles (like someone you're lucky). And after - once again become the slaves on the land that they no longer belong.

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