What will happen with the Earth in 2012?

17.12.2011 17:15
According to astronomical calculations in 2012 during a winter solstice, December 23 The sun will move into the zone of the Milky Way and the End Times come, which brings to us the Mayan calendar. But humanity has nothing to scare, because for the past thirty years, we only hear about the Apocalypse.

However, Sun may actually lead to the death of our civilization. It is known that in Mexico, Anthropological Museum is dvadtsatichetyrehtonny "Sun Stone", a "documentary" carrier of historical information in the form in which it was stored Maya priests of the tribe.
Deciphering the information showed that the Earth had four times and four of civilization, which emerged after the human race, surviving to this day. Every era Indians tied with the image of the sun.

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According to legend, the first sun existed 4008 years and was destroyed by strong earthquakes. Second Sun existed 4010 years and died from the winds and storms. Third Sun stood for 4081 years, but was destroyed by a rain of fire, izlivshimisya of volcanoes. Fourth Sun in 5027 year of life lost due to flooding.

But the Fifth Sun (modern) Maya priests called the Sun movement. The Indians were convinced that under his rays will move the Earth, which will cause a global catastrophe and destroy all life.
U.S. scientists predict in December 2012 the powerful solar flares, coronal mass ejections called. In their view, the sun cast out the huge discharge plasma, which paralyzes all the electricity on Earth. In general, solar flares occur approximately 3-4 times the solar cycle. Detached from its surface billions of tons of hot plasma, which rush to the Earth with tremendous speed. The whole attack takes on Earth's magnetic field, which blow from the ivy and korezhitsya, resulting in a strong place in it changes, causing a strong direct current. It is this current and is able to destroy all earthly power.

If the powerful flares occur in 2012, the most vulnerable in this case would be transformers, which are strikes just after the melt. It is known that the core of the transformer can not be repaired, you need to make a new one. Taking into account that the wave hit the fan on all the transformers on the planet, then their recovery will take years. This can cause economic paralysis, as to cut off drinking water, electricity, food will be lost without refrigerators, planes will fall, and satellites, and all this will cause the deaths of millions of people.

Scientists worry is understandable, because exactly 150 years ago in America there was a solar storm, known as Karringtonskoe event (from the name of Richard Carrington, the British astronomer). This scientist observed on the surface of luminaries any spots that broke dazzling balls. The balls soared, until eclipsed by the sun shine, but after a few minutes extinguished. But after seventeen hours the sky over the United States lit up with bright flashes, and the telegraph office, "went crazy" devices, which escaped from the sparks.

So that the experiences of NASA scientists are not in vain.

What should I do?

What can be done to humanity, to stay alive? And we must prepare. Unfortunately, the alarm we can submit only one unit, located between the planet and star. It is true that scientists are afraid that this unit will soon be broken, because flying in space since 1997. Although, even if it is "live" until the winter of 2012 and will give an alarm signal to prepare earthlings will be no more than forty-five minutes.
Russia not panic

Russian scientists do not support American pessimism. They argue that a solar flare, once described by Carrington, repeated often, but not all of them hits the Earth's magnetic field. It should be noted that the solar cycle, which peaks are so afraid of NASA experts, has not even arrived, although U.S. experts predicted he was expected back in 2006.
By sodaleniyu how to behave on the Sun, the Russian scientists can not predict, because the solar storms are sudden.
Fulfilled if the forecasts?

About the crash in 2012 is reflected not only scientists, but also American, "Nostradamus" Selente Herald. That he predicts (and his predictions are usually true), that after two years in the country will panic and depression, protests and food riots erupt in revolution, and the result will not be such a great power like the United States.

Many have the fear. Also fueling the situation in America was released thriller "2012: Judgement Day." And as we remember, it ends in calendar year 2012 Maia. Humanity is waiting for the parade of planets, astronomers try to frighten us the new arrival of Nibiru, but astrologers foretell floods.
Could it all come true?

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