What will happen to real estate Russians in Ukraine

25.02.2014 00:15
Articles about real estate | What will happen to real estate Russians in Ukraine Discussed in Ukraine lustration law affect local corrupt officials and not Russian businessmen. Meanwhile, the Russians in Ukraine owns about 50 thousand houses. Ukraine once again talking about the lustration . Portal " RBC Real Estate " found in Ukrainian real estate market experts and politicians , can affect the lustration law , if passed , real estate, which is owned by Russians.

Russians do not fall under the IMPACT

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Lustration bill has been debated in Ukraine since 2005 . , But now began to gain momentum due to the recent political developments in Ukraine. According to a recent statement by the leader of Ukrainian party " BLOW " Vitali Klitschko, all those involved in the illegal acts will be punished , and the law enforcement agencies of Ukraine awaits lustration . This practice exists in Hungary , the Czech Republic , Estonia, Latvia, Romania .

As explained by the Director General of the Center for Ukrainian politic consulting Denis Denisenko, talking about selective lustration estate corrupt leadership. As an example - " Mezhigorie " , the residence of Viktor Yanukovych in the village Petrivtsi Vyshgorodskiy Kyiv region , a position he held since 2002 . " Everything else is protected by Ukrainian laws. We are not suicides to provoke outflow by Russian money out of the country ," - said the expert in a conversation with a reporter , " RBC Real Estate ."

Russians in Ukraine belongs to no less than 50 thousand houses , the lion's share of which belongs to the resort segment in the Crimea. Agrees with him acting Finance Minister in 2009 and 2010 . Igor Umansky . "I 'm sure it will not touch the business. This will include corrupt officials. In this respect, we can reassure people who are doing business in Ukraine. Ukrainian new government will do everything possible to attract people and encourage them to work in the country ," - explains his position politician.

According to team leader in providing advisory services in real estate in Ukraine Sergei EY Kekukh , no relation to the redistribution of assets , especially on a national basis , this initiative has not. "As for the direction of development of the real estate market at the moment, despite the difficult economic situation , we see no reason to panic investors - said the expert . - Given the received vector development towards European integration and the application of Western politicians regarding financial assistance to Ukraine to stabilize economic situation, we are optimistic about the potential of the market in the medium term . "

They possess the Russians in Ukraine

According to the president of the international real estate agency Gorgon Rock Stanislav Singel , belongs to the Russians in Ukraine not less than 50 thousand houses , the lion's share of which belongs to the resort real estate in the Crimea. Here, the minimum value of the objects varies from 30 thousand dollars for a small apartment in " Khrushchev " to 120 thousand dollars or more in the segment of private homes and villas. The main demand is for one - , two- flat business class , located in a relatively new LCD .

Russians also gained appreciable scale residential real estate in Kiev and Odessa . In the capital, mostly buy luxury apartments cost from 120 to 500 thousand dollars, located in downtown areas . In Odessa it comes to housing middle segment worth 35-60 thousand dollars " Marginally cheaper " transaction marked the Black Sea coast in Kherson and Mykolaiv regions where the initial cost of housing in the 5-10 km from the sea starts from 10 thousand dollars However, the number of transactions with the minimum housing , says the expert .

According to a leading specialist of marketing department of Ukrainian consulting company SV Development Sergei Kostetskii except Russian individuals housing in Ukraine also bought the company, which then provide the accommodation to its employees. In addition , as noted by Stanislav Singel , besides residential property Russians carried out large transactions with commercial real estate in Ukraine. " A common example of this is the purchase by " TPS Property " ( former co-owner of Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port Alexander Ponomarenko ) 165 thousand square meters. Meters of retail space in the largest shopping center of Kiev Ocean Plaza, - said the president of Gorgon Rock. - According to independent experts, the cost of the transaction may be around $ 280 million "
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