What will be affordable housing?

20.10.2010 00:06
Articles about real estate | What will be affordable housing? On the market soon, with the filing of the federal government, there will be a model project of cheap maloetazhki. Experts suggest that it is now to press the dominant business-class cabins.

Fund for Housing Development (RZHS) announced the results of the contest for the best architectural project of affordable housing. The cost of such houses does not exceed 30,000 rubles per square meter. All, as explained in the fund, was selected 11 different homes for the future construction of settlements economy class.

Ministry of Regional Development has already approved the parameters of such housing. The area of two-, three-story buildings with a maximum not exceeding 150 square meters. A plot of land it is unlikely to exceed 6.10 hectare. All homes will meet today's energy requirements, ie, lighting should be energy efficient plus to this set in motion sensors (light to light up only when needed). The package of new housing units will also include automatic control of heating.

The first experimental house will appear in the Moscow region Istra in the next year. In November, the Fund will hold an auction to sell the right to lease the land area of 65.5 hectares. The auction winner will receive a complete package of design documents of houses, as well as the development project area. Once construction is completed, a special commission will decide whether to offer these homes for the typical building in other regions. In 2011, the Fund intends to hold a second town-planning competition. The winner will develop a draft of homes for the Krasnodar Territory, taking into account local climatic features.

RZHS Foundation was formed by presidential decree two years ago under quite specific problem: find an unused federal land available for housing, and "throwing" it on the market. In the future on the land fund is planned to erect a third of all new buildings of the country. The Fund provides a guarantee of repayment of the housing, if it corresponds to parameters of economy class. In this case, the redemption price may not exceed the cost per square meter, installed by federal authorities on a specific region minus 15 percent.

However, according to deputy director general of the Fund RZHS Andrei Shishkin, not all regions of the land value and price per square meter will keep within marked 30 thousand rubles. For example, in the same suburbs are still building settlements economy class was unprofitable because of high cost of land. However, given that the fund training of the entire infrastructure takes over, it significantly reduces the cost of construction. Energy requirements, according to Shishkin, and should not greatly affect the final price per square meter.

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