What to pay realtors?

02.11.2010 02:48
As you know, real estate companies people accessing services. And the service - it is certain actions that are specially trained professional does for his client and, accordingly, receives a reward. Of course, if these actions have led to expected results, Oleg Samoilov, CEO RELAYT-Real Estate.

In practice, the result of such a transaction often becomes not running errands, and a long list of "objective" reasons for this request was not fulfilled. So, in a period when prices of these flats are gradually declining, "a list of objective reasons" would cost the seller a loss not only time but also very specific reduction of the price. In other words, charging realtors sell their apartments, it is desirable to understand how well they perform this mission.

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Leave on time, the question of qualification and professionalism, and dwell on the good faith.

As it happens ...
Practice shows that quite often the object is "hanging" in advertising, but none of the phone is not responding. Particularly often such things happen on weekends, holidays, and evenings - in short, precisely at the time off, when potential buyers are willing to do "personal" calls, to which, and is buying an apartment. It happens that the agent still answers the call, and muttering "please call later" (variants: "Monday", "two hours", etc.), disabled. Sometimes you can hear the engaging frankness, "I have a day off, or just rude" if I did not realize that today is Saturday! "(Variants:" nine nights "," nine in the morning, "etc.).

Meanwhile, the customer-seller pays the agent, including for the fact that he no sleep or rest to answer calls, and organized views, strongly attracted potential buyers. Needless to say, that the buyer is unlikely to spend the whole day, dozvanivayas agent. Yes, and wait until, finally, there will be the same on Monday, in which the agent is graciously allowed to call, he also becomes unlikely. Most likely, in the current buyer's market simply crosses out the apartment from the list of attractive and turn to other options.

Another stage in which "cut off" many potential buyers because of the carelessness of the agent - to view the apartment. Today, in conditions of low demand, any potential buyer, and it is logical, expects that the selection of his wide and that he was "king of the situation." In other words, as the show apartment at a convenient time for him and call him yourself, and all information will be provided.

In fact, buyers are often surprised to discover that many realtors seem to have come into this profession because of the Soviet counter. How else to explain that the basic position of a realtor to a potential buyer - have a lot, and I am one. " Recently, for example, was the case when the realtor instead of organizing the show in 3 (treh!) weeks of proposed "call back tomorrow" to a potential buyer who wants to see one of the apartments. Another phrase is a real real agent in response to a request to show an object at a convenient time for the buyer: "Am I going to specifically go out for you? Show a day after three - that's us! "Obviously, with such" impressions "the agent is unlikely to sell an apartment in the foreseeable future.

And as for the provision of information of interest to the buyer - a single "story". Besides that pretty regularly lie, then assigning three or four meters square, the "expanding the kitchen," then "opolovinivaya" the time required to get from the subway ... but sometimes corny realtor does not even bother to ask your client the necessary minimum of information about selling the site.

And it is quite interesting things happen when a potential buyer looking object, ready to talk about making an advance. I'll tell you about only one, fairly fresh, the episode about which I told the man who made a down payment for one of the "exclusive" apartments for our company. He initially wanted to buy another site. So, the agent for a number of "pretext" put off the meeting with a buyer for five days. But the buyer has got insistent. At first he was perplexed and tried to accelerate the process of regular calls to the agent, and at the end of the fifth day still come to the agency without an invitation with the firm intention to make an advance.

The buyer demanded leadership and the withdrawing of the head of department told him about his quest. On that head helplessly said that he does not know the conditions under which sold cherished apartment, and thus make an advance payment is not able. Last question, which asked the hapless buyer of the head of department: "How can it be that you do not possess information about selling your agents sites? On that head, with a vague wave of his hand, replied: "Yes, we know how many of these apartments? Well I must know about each, and then, without saying goodbye, and disappeared in the bowels of the office. And so it happened that the buyer the next day made a deposit for another apartment and other agencies.

What is the reason?
It seems to me that after reading the above, in many readers' minds may be the legitimate question: "realtor, which comes in such a way that he, stupid? Or he do not need money? ". Alas, not a stupid thing, and spoiled. After many years, demand far outstrips supply. And in this situation to deal with the realtor, the buyer could almost arbitrarily - the buyer adjusts the seller and his agent.

Today, buyers say, "the price". However, the stereotype - are stubborn things. And change it for the year was beyond the power of even a crisis.

Of course, today in the market of real estate services have specialists in the activities described above outrages does not occur. However, it is those who have not allowed myself to like it and before the crisis. And even those who have already started working agency at the present time and, accordingly, free from bad habits "yesterday."

The rest had either never fully realized that the market has changed, or were unable to readjust according to the new reality. And still, from habit, to act solely on the principle of "I feel so comfortable."

Recognize potboiler time
Of course, the client in this situation need a diagnostic tool like a "specialist", avoiding empty time and, consequently, financial losses.

First, be sure to find out before signing the contract with the agency whether its employees are guided by a standard of service delivery. If such a standard is missing - this is a signal: the provision of services not regulated. And, accordingly, as lucky.

If the standard is available, it is desirable to read it before signing the contract, to assess its contents and specify company's readiness to assume responsibility in case of violation of the standard. And if the liability standard is not provided, no harm will be included in contracts with real estate companies, click on the possibility of its termination in the event of violations of the standard. For example, if dishonest agent performance of their duties.

And the second recommendation. If there was a sense that the agent "derelict", should follow the old folk wisdom: "Trust, but verify."

Methods such verification can be vast. Check with the agent, where he advertises your property. Verify that the ads really are regularly published and the information is untrue. Ask a friend to call on those in the advertisement call. According to their impressions of the conversation, you will already be able to form an opinion about the zeal of the agent and the extent of its activity in promoting your property.

Individual attention shows. Try on the first show to attend in person. So you can understand how an agent wisely organizes meetings, punctual, focused on the buyer's request.

If you see that the agent is doing everything as soon as possible and profitable to sell an apartment, your job is done. You really got a decent performer for your order and can safely "disconnect" from the problem by providing professionals with the opportunity to do their job. But if you have any doubts as provided services to you, do not waste time. At a minimum, need to talk with an agent and his supervisor, as a maximum - to raise the issue of avoidance. Do not forget that now, when selling an apartment while - it is really money.

Oleg Samoilov - General Director of the Academy of Sciences "Relayt Real Estate
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