What to look for when buying a holiday home?

24.11.2010 07:45
Articles about real estate | What to look for when buying a holiday home? Between country houses for permanent residence and temporary there is a big difference. What to look for when buying, how fair the weekend may block the way, how to get home nanny and housekeeper, where better to accommodate hunters and anglers?

Close path
Homes for permanent residence are concentrated within a radius of 30-40 km from Moscow. While ideally, to be considered an alternative to urban housing, the distance should be less. "Customers are focused on shorter distances - 10-15 km from Moscow, - says Timur Saifutdinov, Managing Director of the Department of Residential Property at Blackwood. - Basically it offers business segments and the elites. The average price for such items is $ 1,5-3 million, also as a holiday home for permanent residence may be a semi-detached dwellings (townhouses, duplexes) or suburban apartment complexes. Here the suggestion is more accessible, real estate is worth $ 300-600 thousand. "

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The desire to live closer to Moscow is not accidental, since the property owners, tend to work in the capital and would like to spend less time on the road. However, the path of a country house, located even at a minimal distance from the metropolis, might not be so close and comfortable as expected. "Before you buy a property, you need some time alone to get to the future home on weekdays, and weekends, and at different times of day, - advises Anna Levitov, Managing Partner EVANS. - Can detect different circumstances, such as Fair weekend, due to which at the entrance to the house there is tube, can be located near some production to come on weekdays, trucks, complicating the traffic on the highway. You also need to think about before your new home will reach those who are not drives a car: nannies, au pairs or teachers for children. " That is important accessibility of the village as a whole, whether it is possible to reach the area by train or bus.

Sometimes for disabled family members, such as elderly parents or mothers with children at home for permanent residence are buying at a distance of 50-70 km from Moscow. The cost of land and buildings where much lower and is accessible to a wider audience. In this case, the problem with traffic jams should not be so acute, because there is no need for someone to rush to work, the more important question becomes the availability of necessary infrastructure. The farther away from the capital, the less it is developed.

Borrow from neighbors
If a family has children, experts advise thinking about where students will learn and what to do in your spare time, where they can receive medical care, including emergency. Many residents have to use the educational and health facilities nearby regional centers, or travel to Moscow, which is not very convenient.

Residents of villages located near the same level, according to Julia Severinenko, head of the company ZemAktiv, may use the objects of commercial infrastructure, "neighbors". According to her, shops, fitness centers or restaurants, though situated on the territory of a particular village, usually are independent businesses and are interested in increasing the flow of customers.

As an example of one of the most developed country in terms of infrastructural facilities experts call a gated development Dewdrop. This is an international complex, which includes the British International School and Kindergarten, a European medical center, a fitness center with swimming pool, beauty salon, tennis courts, a convenience store and cafe. In general, the most developed infrastructure, providing comfortable accommodation in the village on a permanent basis, have Rublevo Uspenskoe Novorizhskoe and highways where there are both external infrastructure (shopping centers, private schools, kindergartens, restaurants, banks, veterinary services, etc.) and intra-, for example, projects Villagio, Residence Benelux Nakhabino, Prince Lake, etc.

Priorities for the developer in the construction of infrastructure depends on the size of the settlement. First, according to Dmitry Taganova, Head of Research Center Corporation Incom, are parks, playgrounds, and then a cafe, a restaurant, the next stage - a mini market, shop, fitness center and so on small territories there is no point in creating a rich infrastructure, because it itself does not pay for large spaces as possible. For example, in the village of Millennium Park, where many homes will create a tennis club on 10 courts, a restaurant area of 3000 square meters. m, children's club, outdoor swimming pool. Interesting infrastructure is represented in towns Pestovo, Paul, Greenfield.

The benefits of civilization
Getting over a permanent residence outside the city, property owners often forget that now they will have to think about who will serve their home site and a nearby road. "Your own house - not a flat, if the night the snow fell, it is necessary that before you intend to leave the garage, someone has removed - said Anna Levin. - Unfortunately, the quality of service of most villages is poor. In buildings that are outside of organized townships, or in suburban areas, and it does becomes a headache for the owners of the house. In addition, the future owner should definitely check the water quality, to speak with disinterested neighbors to find out how reliable is the supply of water and electricity in the home. " It should also be borne in mind that the operating costs of suburban homes is much higher than in urban apartments.

Usually in the townships have main gas, electricity, central water supply. Need to find out how ready communication to function. If the connection is only in the plans, it could significantly delay the housewarming. If communications are connected and installed plumbing, you need to check the quality of its work, to see how quickly and thoroughly a heated the whole house, from the hallway to the attic. Another important aspect that draws attention Dmitry Taganov: "If after the end of construction was at least a year, you must verify whether the house gave a shrinkage, not whether there were dangerous cracks, if not flooded basement.

Julia Severinenko advised to acquire property in the villages of the high degree of readiness, where communication is already plugged in and houses are being settled. On the other hand, at the launch stage of the project much more attractive prices. Therefore, if the issue of settling the house is not urgent, you can choose a good offer, focusing on the reputation of the builder. The expert recommends to check whether the company has implemented villages, at what rate is under construction, referred to whether the developer and his projects in the media.

Brick's number one
Home for permanent residence must be thorough. Building materials may be different, as long as they were high quality and retains heat well. The most durable and lasting is a brick, it is not affected by rainfall, it did not occur the processes of decay, and it can not be spoiled by any pests. In a brick house warm in winter and cool in summer.

Competition bricks today are gas silicate blocks, the walls of which are also resistant to any weather conditions, are not subject to mildew and fungus and have excellent insulation properties. It is believed that the silicate brick six times warmer than usual. If you use an extra heater, make finish of the ceramic tiles or bricks, will be created, according to experts, the effect of a thermos, which will save on heating in winter and summer did not experience discomfort from the heat.

It can be framed buildings that are built using Canadian technology. Their main advantage - the high speed of construction and low cost. House construction is relatively lightweight and does not create an excessive burden on the foundation, making the cost of its creation are significantly reduced.

Among the buyers have fans and wooden construction. "High-quality wooden house built only of solid wood or lumber, about any cheap frame-and-shield assembly technology in this case it is not, - says Dmitry Taganov. - The most reliable home - built of logs. Houses made of beams less prone to shrinkage, it is easier to assemble, but they are less strong than the log. Most quickly built a house from glued beam. However, it is believed that this material loses many qualities of the "living" tree, so to build luxury homes it is practically not used. "

Second home
Buying a vacation home, and not for permanent residence, buyers are guided by whether they like the location of the village, some characteristics of the surrounding nature.

"If the future owner of a hobby, such as hunting, fishing, a passion for water sports, then looking for a home not far from the places where these hobbies can be implemented either in the settlement, which provides a suitable infrastructure for this - explains Alla Prokhin, Director Department of suburban real estate Chesterton. - The main difference between a country cottage for permanent residence from seasonal housing - in a different area. Often the home for permanent residence more, since the owner must take into account all the needs of the family: this space for staff and guest bedrooms, and room for family activities. The house, which is used for temporary rest, this is not necessary. "

When choosing a second home buyers preferences vary widely. According to Yulia Severinenko, some people in the country and required gas and convenient asphalted approach road to the house, others want to rest "break away from civilization and choose a house in the wilderness, to which be pleased to make their way to the SUV. The concept of "second home" pretty broad. This category includes buildings of all segments. "Seasonal home can be an expensive villa on the shore of the reservoir Klyasminskoye worth about $ 2 million, and could be home within 80 km from Moscow for $ 100-150 thousand," - says Anna Levitov.

When it comes to summer residences, then release two formats of real estate. The first - a problem in old gardening associations (6 acres, panel house, or some seasonal structure), which, according to experts, is about 50% of the market, but the market is not more than 6% of proposals. Second - the new housing estates (modern, more wooden houses, secured communications), which constitute 5% of suburban real estate market (now almost 75% of these proposals is under construction and sale).

Dmitry Taganov advice when buying a second home be sure to check whether the site is not flooded and is connected to electricity.

On emotions and on the money

The second house can be constructed from any material. Often, owners are choosing a tree, guided by emotions: this material is associated with nature, good ecology, and recreation. Of laminated veneer lumber, according to Dmitry Taganova for 1,5-2 mln. You can build a cottage area of 80-120 square meters. m. Meanwhile, the construction of a wooden house made of cedar, as remarked Julia Severinenko, more expensive than brick.

For a second home distance from Moscow - at least the determining factor. "In recent years, this area all the more" away "from Moscow and moved to 60-80 km from Moscow, according to the directions - explains Timur Saifutdinov. - Also in the last 2-3 years is actively developing segment of the "long summer cottages": an increasing number of villages located on 100 km from Moscow, with Moscow in related fields - in Vladimir, Yaroslavl, Smolensk, Tula. Basically, these villages are located on the big water. " The difference between housing estates and the village for permanent residence, according to experts, is the quality of construction, infrastructure and communications.

Since the housing estate residents spend mostly weekends, holidays, or go there for a few days, then the developer can save on infrastructure and communications. The minimum set in suburban towns - Protection, maintenance, playground, shop and cafe. If on or near a pond or forest, the developer settles beach or recreation area. "Some owners are willing to give up gas and water in favor of cheaper. The main requirement to the village for them is the availability of electricity and security ", - says Dmitry Taganov. Long-range problem of interest to those wishing to get away from the capital, and those who focused on proposals economy class. In the same category expert classifies customers who reside, for example, in Klin and Istria, which makes no sense to buy plots closer to the capital.

In the economy segment, most buyers prefer wood technology (primarily due to price).
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