What to do with dollar mortgage?

13.01.2011 10:54
Articles about real estate | What to do with dollar mortgage? From a situation where a man took a mortgage for 30 years in U.S. dollars even at the rate of UAH 5.05 per USD, and with the onset of the crisis could not pay the loan, there are three choices: sell the apartment to transfer credit in the hryvnia, or do nothing .

This opinion was voiced specifically for UBR.UA director of the Center of Business Technologies "that" Olga Pestretzoff-Blotskaya.

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The first and most reliable in its opinion, is to implement real estate purchased on credit.

"The fact is that taking a loan, people have assumed the financial risk. And he took credit in dollars - and even foreign exchange risks. Naturally, the bank at a time when the borrower took the credit, did not focus on the implications of each of these risks for him . In terms of the contract it is written, but discussion of possible effects upon the occurrence of risk situations, confident that no one has discussed with you and calculations did. Bank do not need it, and let the customers to think for themselves, "- said Pestretzoff-Blotskaya.

Therefore, in such a situation, in her opinion, "the rescue of drowning the handiwork of drowning."

"We assume that the situation will not change for the better: either in terms of rate hryvnia / dollar, either in terms of enacting laws to ease the plight of borrowers dollar loans, either in terms of wage increases given borrower. Then, it is best to sell the apartment and give credit, - she said.

But, according to an expert, if the sum from the sale of apartments will not be enough to cover the loan, the borrower will have to issue new credit.

"But in this case, the load on the borrower's budget will be much less. Besides any possible deterioration in the borrower will not be touched. Its maximum loss he would like to know, and others on the loan he will no longer be" - says Pestretzoff- Blotskaya.

The second way to deal with dollar mortgage - to transfer credit in the hryvnia. Most likely the bank will offer to transfer the remaining debt on the loan in UAH according to NBU rate without changing the interest rate. Despite the fact that in this case, saving is not practicable, it is still there, though not great.

"If you save a little for payment in a month, multiply that figure savings for the entire period of the loan. And appreciate the significance of the figures now. In this case, the borrower will not be disturbed currency risks," - said the expert.

And the last way to deal with mortgages - to keep the weight as it is, that is in dollars.

"The situation is already familiar to the borrower: if his salary remained the same, then at the rate of UAH 7.95-7.98 per dollar means he will miss exactly to repay interest on the loan and on repayment of the debt will not go out of the question," - said expert.

According to her, in the approach to solving problems in U.S. mortgage loan should be considered first and foremost not a "positive option" of the situation (maybe raise salaries, may drop the dollar), and vice versa - with the approach of "How long will the situation is critical in the case worst-case scenario. "

"Statistics of positive economic developments in our country tells me that to hope for the depreciation of the hryvnia, the disappearance of dollars, lower interest rates, adoption of laws to facilitate the situation of borrowers, rather than banks - is not worth it. These events likely will not happen" - summarizes the expert.


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