What to do in case of fire?

07.02.2011 00:02
Summer 2010 proved to be unusually hot. Temperature of 40 degrees and no rain have caused massive fires that killed people and left thousands homeless.

What to do if you encounter a fire? How to act? Flee or attempt to extinguish the fire? Always stick to these rules, approved by MOE.

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* If you have found the source of fire, immediately notify the fire service by calling 101.
* If the fire is the grassroots and local, you can try to extinguish the flames on their own: it can try to shoot down, spilling over with branches of hardwood, pouring water, showering moist ground, zataptyvaya feet. Extinguish peat fires burning peat digging watering with water.
* When extinguishing the fire, proceed with caution, do not go very far away from roads and firebreaks, do not lose sight of other parties, support them with visual and audio communication.
* When putting out the peat fire, keep in mind that in the combustion zone can be formed deep craters, so the move should be cautious, after checking the depth of the burnt layer.
* If you can not on its own to cope with the localization and extinguishing the fire:
o immediately alert all nearby on the need to exit from the danger zone;
o Organize out of people on the road or clearing, extensive clearing of the river or pond in the field;
o get out of the danger zone rapidly, perpendicular to the direction of the fire;
o if you can not get away from the fire, go into the pond or cover up the wet clothes;
o Once in the open space or glade, breathing, stooping to the ground - there is less air zadymlen;
o nose and mouth at the same time cover the cotton-gauze or cloth;
o after leaving the fire area to report its location, extent and nature of the fire service, the administration of settlement, forestry.
* In the case of approximation of the fire directly to the buildings and the threat of massive fire in the village held an urgent evacuation of the population, especially children, the elderly, persons with disabilities.
* If there is a possibility of approximation of fire to your locality, prepare for a possible evacuation:
o place the instruments, valuables in a safe, accessible place;
o prepare for a possible emergency leave vehicles;
o wear cotton or woolen clothing, with his bear: gloves, a scarf that can cover her face, goggles or other eye protection;
o Prepare a supply of food and drinking water;
o closely monitor the messages on television and radio, by means of warning, keep in touch with your friends in other parts of your area;

The main causes of forest fires:

The main cause of forest fires is the man - his negligence in using the forest fire during work and leisure. Most fires occur in areas of picnics, gathering mushrooms and berries, while hunting on an abandoned burning matches, cigarettes nepotushennoy. During the hunter shot off from the shotgun wad starts to smolder, burning the dry grass. Often you can see how the forest littered with bottles and broken glass. In sunny weather, these fragments are focusing the sun's rays as incendiary lens. Not fully stewed in a forest fire causes further large reduction.

Statistics wildfires of recent weeks shows that their resurgence is observed at the weekend when people are sent en masse to rest on nature.

Depending on which parts of the forest fire spread and forest fires made to subdivide the grass-roots (up to number up to 90%), upper and underground (soil). In turn, the grass-roots and crown fire can be stable and fluent.

In forest areas occur most often ground fires, burns the forest floor, undergrowth and underbrush, grass-shrub cover, fallen trees, roots of trees, etc. In the dry season when winds are dangerous crown fire in which fire spreads and also on trees, mostly conifers. Speed ground fire - from 0,1 to 3 m / min, riding - up to 100 m / min in the direction of the wind.

When burning of peat and plant roots there is a threat of underground fires that spread in all directions. The ability of peat spontaneous combustion and burn without air and even under water is very dangerous. Over burning peat may be formed "columnar eddies" hot ash and burning peat dust which, when a strong wind carried over long distances and cause a new ignition.


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