What to do if your site is no use to anyone?

12.11.2010 20:15
Articles about real estate | What to do if your site is no use to anyone? Earth - life as we know, unplayable, and therefore particularly valuable. I must say, even in the remotest stretches of 2009, when it is not like anything sold, bought the land. In some ways, it is trading land and revived the market. But even in the Moscow region, some areas were "more equal than others." What do you do if you got a site is not within 10 km from Moscow, and on the border area?

Inequality in the details
Reflect a lack of equality in land relations, of course, make such data: the value of land in the Central Federal District in 7,5 times less than the cost of similar sites, but in the precincts of the Moscow region. According to the SC Partners of the Earth, the average cost of land without the contract area of 1 hectare outside the Moscow area, but within the CFD to the beginning of the year was 35.1 thousand rubles. for a hundred. In the Moscow region weaving a similar plot was worth an average of 263.6 thousand rubles. The difference is impressive, especially when you consider that on such parameter as the average per capita income, the gap much more modest: 1,6-2,4 times, if we compare regions of the CFA with the suburbs, and 2,7-4,1 times, if compare well with Moscow.

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It is curious that the difference in price for 1 square. m of housing between the CFA and the Moscow region more or less corresponds to the difference in the level of income. But the land in the suburbs, even the "average" is much more expensive than the one that lies outside the area.

But there is no equality in the covenant boundaries MO: Price weave even here differs significantly. "The spread of land prices is quite wide - says Mark Groisman, executive director of the group companies in Russia Sawatzky. - For example, the value of land Rublyovo-Uspensky highway to Moscow in the near zone is in the range of $ 80-120 thousand sq.m. and above. On Novorizhskoye towards the cost of 1 sq.m. $ 12-30 thousand, and at the Simferopol directions or the Yaroslavl (more than 60 miles) cost weave is in the range of $ 1200-5000. Cost weave land on the distant frontier region (80-100 km) may range from $ 700 to $ 4000.

The average price for Moscow's land is preserved within 27-40 thousand rubles. for a hundred, sharing his data Ivan Sinitsyn, a partner of the New cottages. "The distance from Moscow, of course, affect the value of the land, but much more important is the trend - experts explain the causes of inequality. - For example, on Novorizhskoye and Kiev highway cost weave on average 15-20% higher than in Simferopol, and 30% higher than the value of the land at the Yaroslavl highway. In addition, it so happens that the cost of one site at a distance of 110 km from Moscow is 20-30 thousand rubles. for a hundred, and the cost of another (in the same direction and distance), situated near the river, - from 95 thousand rubles. for a hundred. "

So the cost of land depends, in general, on whether it is the boundary of the Moscow area, how far away from Moscow, in what direction is located, as well as from the landscape, the availability of forest trees and ponds. In addition, the price depends on the availability of communications permitted use and destination of the earth. "Land with communications cost can be 2-4 times higher than the cost of similar land without communications," - emphasizes Mark Groisman.

As noted by Andrew Grudin, General Director of "Pioneer" in order to acquire the land it was interesting to the developer, its price should not exceed 10-15% of the final project cost. In this land, located in 30 kilometers of the Moscow Ring Road (which, by definition, just represent the greatest interest to developers), this formula does not fit: they have to buy at a price of about 20% of the final project cost.

Who needs remote sites?
The land is situated on the borders of the region can, and fits into the above proposed formula without difficulty, but for the most part of little interest to companies focused on major projects.

"In the distant frontiers of the Moscow region there is the wide range of agricultural lands (wholesale), and also offers a country house construction - says Mark Groisman. - Agricultural lands have low demand - Wholesales currently do not go. Retail sale of land, by contrast, are in demand. Basically this land at a distance of 65-85 km from Moscow (depending on direction). In my opinion, this is due largely to the relatively low cost of land without a contract. By the spring of 2010 can expect more active buyers, so this segment may talk about some price increases by 2-5% per month (depending on the quality of the proposal). "

Approximately 40% of suburban areas without a contract (which is the most marketable product in the country today the market) are within 80-110 km from Moscow. "Increased supply has been connected not only with the release of new projects, but also with the change of concepts previously planned, - says Ivan Sinitsyn. - So, let the plots without a contract and are undoubtedly popular, one must understand that in the distant suburbs of your site will have many competitors. This, combined with relatively low average price of land in the far suburbs this fact casts doubt on the possibility of a profitable sale site.

What in the facts presented, left to do the happy owner of the site in the far suburbs to extract the maximum benefit of their property?

Says Gregory Altukhov, financial adviser to the president-building corporation "Leader" in most cases yield area in the far suburbs will be comparable to bank deposits. "In demand can be good deals: a lived-in village, or better cottage near the river and forest in an ecologically clean area, at a distance of 15 miles from any city with infrastructure. Naturally, it should be possible entrance to the site by car, at least in the summer ", - underlines Altukhov.

The area in which it is impossible to construct at least a summer cottage with water and gas, illiquid almost always, the expert said. Use the same for his own use is still possible. "The property area is left in the event that within the next five years is willing and able to somehow use: Ideally, build a house and lie down on the weekends, but you can just" ogorodnichat "for the soul. Idle "for the grandchildren" section is usually useless - advises Gregory Altukhov. - It is also not very effective attachment to the land in the absence of knowledge about the market: there is a big risk making a mistake. For an amateur in the land market financial effect is possible in 10 years when the land in the Moscow region will "end" in principle. But to make predictions for such a period - a thankless task. "

In short, if you - happy owner is not too liquid region in the far suburbs, you can give one piece of advice: Do not let the site sit idle, it's best grown in a potato. And hope for the best - perhaps decades later for your site will still be fighting. Firstly, the land in Moscow is not rubber, and secondly, you never know what road (or even a gas pipeline!) Want to build next door. And thirdly, it is possible that it is in your area explored deposits of minerals. In general, be optimistic, and the buyer must find!
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