What to choose: a house in the village or cottage?

24.02.2020 00:15
Many of us at times, tired of city life and want to get away "to the country, to his aunt, in the wilds, to Saratov." Before my eyes there idillisticheskaya pastoral picture, and each is their own: who is seen as a house in the village, and to whom - a modern cottage with all the comforts. But someone still decide in choosing not between these two options. Despite the fact that the ads are full of a lot of proposals comfortable cottages or areas with a contract, the market offers a lot of alternatives - houses in the Russian countryside, who can give tenants unforgettable days in the lap of nature. So, what do you choose: a comfortable cottage in a village or a modern house in the country?

To date, 10-15 km from Moscow still remain quite a real Russian village with individual buildings - wooden houses, erected about 50-70 years ago. However, the simple village house in the classic version - sturdy, wood or brick, in one or two floors - close to the Ring Road endangered species. Today such proposals out of the market, as most of the village near Moscow, retain their status only on paper, but in reality, in their place are cottage settlements.

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However, in the market there are also offers rustic classics, and old wooden houses, which are often bought for the land on which they stand. Of interest may be such offers, if the village in which they are situated, near the modern residential estates and infrastructure. Then the little houses demolished, and in their place build modern houses.

Today in the town market of Moscow region village objects enough - as the experts, the demand for houses in the villages rather high: more than half of suburban housing buyers prefer old houses. The greatest demand for this house are on the west and south-west - Mozhayskoe Rublevskoye, Kiev highway and Novorizhskoe, the houses here is a real game, as demand exceeds supply. Next on the popularity go north-west, north and south directions, the least interesting to the east - to Yegoryevsk highway, for example, offers more than 15 km from MKAD hardly considered.

The main advantage of buying "a house in the village" is that it is located in one location with the infrastructure - shops, pharmacies, many villages have all the communication, and in the cottage is sometimes quite difficult to bring electricity or gas. Another plus is that the village - populated areas, and thus, bought the house and if you want to register, but the cottage villages are often built on agricultural land and residence in these homes is not permitted. Well, apart from all the above, the villages managed by local administrations, and thus maintenance of roads, street lighting and cleaning implement appropriate community services, in a cottage village renovation and cleaning work is carried out by the residents.

Among the disadvantages - poor state of communication, such as lack of power voltage, and the cost of commercial connections can cost several thousand dollars. Expensive and will drill wells in case the village has no running water. Same story with the gas supply if the gas does not let down. In the cottage are not afraid of trouble - all communications are designed to meet the needs of modern homes, and also assumes accomplishment of new roads, the presence of green spaces, recreational areas, and sometimes even a pond. In the villages, all this is not, access roads are often in terrible condition. Out of them, and protection from the checkpoint, and video surveillance systems, so the security level is very low.

The villages are often faced with a failed configuration and square-cut parts, and the architecture of most buildings do not meet modern standards of aesthetics and safety.

The problem may also be neighbors: relations with envious marginalized people can lead to theft, arson and other troubles.

When buying a country house you can encounter a number of legal risks, as documents on country houses often incorrectly designed or completely outdated, do not correspond to the real state of affairs.

Issues and complexities of buying a house in the village a lot, but they are offset quite nice prices. Despite the fact that the country houses often try to offer the same value as in the cottages in the village, the market corrects prices, and as a result they are cheaper by 10-15%.

As a rule, prices are down due to lack of security, telecommunications, and playground, as well as the availability and quality of communication: the less developed infrastructure in the country, the cheaper it is located in the real estate.

So, a house in the village - it's a great opportunity to buy a low-cost suburban real estate. While choir or stone chambers for a little money can not be obtained in modern cottage communities to an equivalent amount can only buy land or a house without utilities. In this case, buying a house in the village, you may encounter many problems, both legal and social, and the state of communications in these homes is often poor. And if you choose the art facility, built on the site of the wooden buildings, the price is not so favorable. In short, think for yourself - decide for yourself, but do not lose vigilance in choosing and try to evaluate the proposed options carefully.

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