What to breathe Ukrainians: the most dirty and clean regions of Ukraine

30.05.2011 00:07
Articles about real estate | What to breathe Ukrainians: the most dirty and clean regions of Ukraine The quality of air we breathe, the year has deteriorated. Experts attribute this to the fact that the country wakes up from the crisis and actively begin working factories. According to preliminary Goskomstat data, in 2010, only factories thrown into the air 4.1 million tons of harmful substances, it is at 187.5 thousand tons more (4,5%) than in 2009. In emissions - oxides of dioxin, sulfur, nitrogen, methane and other poisonous elements of the periodic table.

Most spoiled the air in Dnipropetrovsk (150 thousand tons of emissions than in 2009), Donetsk (plus 70 tons), Zaporizhzhya region (46 tons). "This is a consequence of the fact that the country is emerging from crisis. The plants begin to operate at full power, respectively, more emissions into the atmosphere. Even the most powerful filters are 100% safe from emissions," - said the director of metalware factory (metal products) in Makeyevka Fedor Cymbals , reported today.

However, there is an area-lucky, which began to breathe much easier. For example, in Ivano-Frankivsk in the air now less chemistry nearly 47 tons, and in Zhytomyr - 15 tons also reduce the amount of emissions in Kirovograd, Mykolayiv, Transcarpathian, Kherson, Poltava, Vinnitsa and Kiev regions. However, a leader in clean, like last year, remains the Chernivtsi region.

Environmentalists believe that in regions where it became clearer just another "waste" from the crisis. "Then the air will become dirtier. After all, people will buy more cars, and plants begin to work more actively," - says ecologist Vladimir Boreiko.

Transportation poisons the air is only slightly smaller than the plants - in 2010, cars, trains and planes dumped 2.5 million tons of hazardous substances (by 30 thousand tonnes more than the year before). However, the oil companies say that the situation will improve soon - in fact tougher fuel quality standards.

"Consumers will offer more than pure gasoline, which at the exhaust will produce much less harmful substances," - told us in one of the major oil companies. So far, the residents of "dirty" regions can be advised to purchase air purifiers (from 200 to 6 thousand UAH.) And more often chosen by nature.

One pleases: Ukraine - not the "dirty". Considered one of the most dangerous chemical elements, carbon dioxide, our country has produced "185 million tons, but Germany - 789 million tons, United Kingdom - 523 million tons in the top three - Russia (1.5 billion tonnes), USA ( 5.7 billion tons) and China (6000000000).
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