What to beware when buying cheap housing in the suburbs

29.01.2011 16:00
Articles about real estate | What to beware when buying cheap housing in the suburbs The rise in popularity of the new low-rise economy-class housing in the 50-kilometer zone around the major cities can stop at any moment, experts warn.
Loop in this construction business dragging themselves developers - abysmally low level of work performed.

"Square" for poor

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Crisis' cottages and townhouses at 25-40 thousand dollars (200-320 thousand USD), being built on the technology fast installation, carried out the coup in the Ukrainian property: suburban home was no longer prestigious housing only for the wealthy and began to lay claim to being home Economy Class, argues real estate expert Alex Sotnikov. As adopted worldwide. In Europe, the USA and Canada, the cost of such housing is often lower than a similar area in the city. It is constructed of inexpensive materials, requires a minimum set necessary for life of facilities and thus remote from the place of work or school occupants.

According to the realtor's offices, in the Kiev region, for example, now sells 100 to 200 houses and townhouses being built. Here you can keep an eye on as a full house at home in an area of 120 and more "square" and part of the house in 33-38 square meters. In addition offered a piece of land in 1-3 weave.

"Little" house willingly take to build private developers. By law, such construction does not involve a protracted struggle for the land, does not require a long approval of the project. No need to hire more crews, there is no need to rent expensive equipment for aerial work. From all this it develops an attractive final price with good resources that, if necessary, we can reduce and reduce.

Over the past year the cost of houses has fallen by an average of 10-15%. Builders do not stint on the discounts, ready to implement the housing in an interest-free installments. This stirred up the market: even in the "incident" 2010-year sales of suburban homes have grown in the country by 15-25%.


Cottage - 2-4-storey house of 150-250 m 2 for 1 family. Business class and economy class.
Duplex - two cottages, connected by a common wall, two families with individual outputs and local area. Economy Class.
Townhouse - 2-3-storey house, locked shared walls with 2, 3, 5, 8, the same houses with individual outputs and local area. Economy Class.

Bounds on the cost per square meter for the specified categories of housing in the mega-cities of Ukraine population of 500 thousand inhabitants, thousands grn/m2

New buildings in the city (economy, business class ).......... 5-20
Resellers in the city ......................................... 6-14
Townhouse, duplex or cottage business class
(Masonry: ceramic brick, round logs) ............. 4-16
Townhouse economy class
(Wall material: timber, thermoblocks) .......................................... . 2,7-5,6

Pitfalls Land "paradise"

But experts warn: cheap shown may in practice be triple the price.

* Developer: "no brakes!" The main danger: the actual work of the builder (from design to delivery of houses in operation) is carried out without system control by the responsible authorities, convinced Mr. Sotnikov. Harmonization of design and design documentation, collection and approval of licensing of securities - all of these stages in the private formal construction. According to him, representatives of government agencies do not always go to the place of future construction, and even more so they can not be found on site during construction.

By the way, the employees themselves territorial departments of Architecture and Construction Supervision recognize: to visit every object, they do not have enough resources. This allows the developer to build on their own to save on specialists, and materials and as much as breaking technology of construction work.

* Dorogi.Obeschanny developer of "paradise" may in practice be a settlement "in an open field, which is difficult to get any traffic (not to mention the public). Planned project spacious driveways "straight from the nearest metro station" hardly appear - the construction of roads would raise the cost of housing to "unbribable" amounts.

* Infrastruktura.Zastroyschik can "forget" about the construction of the store, drug store or the playground. Since economy-class houses are not built on promising new directions (that is - in the wilderness), all the blessings of civilization will have to look in the nearest settlement, a few miles from home.

* Communal. Service life settlement rests on the shoulders of residents. It costs several hundred to several thousand hryvnia per month - depending on the class settlement, the number of buildings and locations. The more houses in the village, the lower the cost of services. Pay for many items have not only for ourselves but for "that guy" - for not yet sold and inhabited houses. The total cost of utilities in the cottage, according to the operators of the real estate market in 1,5-4 times higher than that in the centralized municipal system of the city. "Fly into a lot of money" to owners: electricity, sewage, gas, water, garbage removal, cleaning, security.

* Ekologiya.Klyuchevoy thing: to live in the suburbs - close to the pure nature - may be a myth. If a major metropolitan powerful industrial enterprises for the most part, or curtailed their work or rebuild in environmentally benign manufacturing, then in the suburbs - where, incidentally, some of them suffered and are planning to move - a lot of running businesses. They often work on older hardware, neglect adequate barrier technologies that would protect the environment from their harmful emissions, and control over the negative impact on the atmosphere is considerably weaker than in the city.

To avoid falling into the trap, you should:

* Explore the portfolio for-stroyschika, to visit the facilities built by him earlier, special attention is paid to the state has already handed over the objects and terms of delaying delivery, as well as the amount of work done (whether they correspond to the original project);
* Request and examine documentation on land allocation and permissive - in construction;
* Assess the remoteness and infrastructure nearby settlements and intrinsic features;
* Explore the commercial map of the region;
* Not to acquire a new building, where construction workers during the construction of a hurry to finish and cosmetic work so hide imperfections;
* If funds allow, not to buy an unfinished house, the best option - a cottage, to which 2-3 years. "First of all, at that time it was intended for more demanding customers (and hence, diligently, and was built using more or less good-quality materials), - said Alexander Sotnikov. - And secondly, during which time most of the flaws have already "come to the surface." It is best to purchase your spot in town houses, which appeared in the reconstruction of expensive suburban housing business class when the house is on one host to sales made over the developer in multi townhouse.


Expert metropolitan real estate market Alexei Sotnikov:
- Despite the crisis, the price of most building materials has had time to grow substantially. Developers, oriented to a poor customer, maximize savings by using not only the least quality and safe, but even defective materials. This is particularly dangerous: even a specialist would see a marriage is not right. Raw wood with a moisture content above 20%, low-class brick, in violation of the thermo-, sound, steam and water proofing and ventilation apparent only in the process of "shrinkage" at home and its operation. As a result, the person finds himself in a house with a cracking doorways, the current roof, "crawling" the foundation, a fungus on the walls by parasites in the tree and in addition to all - many miles from civilization. Finally, we must remember: even when using suitable materials, quick home, unfortunately, in our case - is "cardboard huts, designed for 10-20 years of operation.

Below the line

Experts believe: real estate developers, who are "too hastily" elevate "cardboard hut" for the sake of immediate profit in 2-3 years will not. Natural selection eliminates them. Will those who are building more or less good. Fabulously low prices, too, will not see - like the deceived with their help buyers. But as we would not inspire Europe, that the cottage - it is an economy class, in Ukraine viable suburban home for a long time can not be cheaper apartment.

Arguments and Facts
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