What threatens the credit from the builder?

19.01.2020 00:45
Installments from the builder attracts many potential buyers, regardless of financial status. Interest-free repayment of the cost of the apartment units to its readiness - a mutually beneficial event that not every developer has a sufficient amount of money for construction of the facility , as well as not every buyer is willing to pay the property until it is actually ready . Another thing that is often referred to as installment what is essentially a loan - if the developer pays interest on the remaining debt for housing , writes domik.net.

Domik.net offers you the most popular scheme of installments . And warns that when you select one of them to count the money you need to very carefully .

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Free installments

Interest: interest free

Timeframe : up to commissioning

Cons: large monthly installments

Interest-free installments available from the beginning of construction of the facility and until its commissioning . Timeframe - on average, one and a half years . Often such views installment enjoy buyers who have on hand all the necessary sum to buy an apartment - it is favorable to the house during the construction of the money " worked ."

Such lending is provided by Stolitsa Group: sales department LCD " Vidpochynok " prompt you that one of the credit schemes the minimum down payment shall be 10 % of the cost of purchased housing - the rest of the amount is not credited interest if repay the debt at the time of the introduction of home operation.

Apartment price is fixed at the contract signing . Remainder of the cost of housing is paid in equal monthly installments .

The LCD " Parkove city" by UDP set the initial fee and the one below - 5%. However, under such circumstances should take into account that the monthly installments to be very solid .

Short-term installment

Interest rate: from 0 to 10-15%

Timeframe : 2-3 years

Cons: large monthly fees , high interest rates

Means of payment during the housing and within a short period after the introduction of the object - an average year. Common time interval installment does not exceed 2-3 years.

There are several types of such installments. In some cases, before the introduction of the house in operation not accrue interest , and after the buyer pays 10-15 % per annum. In other cases, interest is accrued in the period of construction of the house .

So , in the residential complex "Green Island 2" from the developer PSG " Kowalska " apartments can be bought on credit. One scheme involves making the first installment - 10% of the purchase price . During the first year prior to the introduction into operation on payments charged 10% during the year after the introduction - 15% per annum .

Loan from the builder

Interest rate: 10%

Timeframe : 15 years

Cons: multiple overpayment cost apartments

Today loan from the builder for the long term - not too common, and the buyer will benefit long burden themselves afraid . However, this practice exists.

Thus, in the residential complex " Comfort Town " can buy an apartment , filling out a loan from the developer for 10 years. Conditions imply the minimum down payment - 10%. Prior to receipt of the keys to the apartment on the interest payments are not charged. After checking the house bear interest - 10 % per annum. The maximum maturity of debt - 10 years.

And in the LCD " Parkovye Lake" Company " Intergal-Bud " lends up to 15 years with an interest rate of 8.99 % per annum. Down payment - at least 20% of the total cost of housing.


Discount: 10%

Timeframe : one-time

Cons: the risk of unfinished

Discounts always attract buyers. Promotions are especially common during the beginning of the construction , as the developer need working capital. Frequent discounts for the holidays , as well as special deals that span not the most attractive apartment. Prerequisite - a payment of 50 , or even 100 % of the price , sometimes - rescheduling the entire amount for the month.

Under this scheme , many developers are working . For example, a discount on accommodation from Kievgorstroy at 100% prepayment is about 10% , at 50 % - ing - 5 % discount.


Interest rate: 5.10 % of the total cost of housing ( already incorporated in the cost per square meter )

Timeframe : to preparedness

Cons: low interest on deposits (about 10% )

Mechanism allows you to secure a letter of credit transaction. Its essence is not to transfer money directly to the developer, but their translation into a bank account by a L / C . The developer gets the money only when commissioning . If the construction period disrupted - the money is returned to the buyer with accrued interest on the deposit amount .

The scheme resembles the classic deposit and allows the buyer to relax and watch with bated breath for each floor cast on site.

Under this program, you can buy a house in the residential complex " Prestige Hall " from the company " ABC " at 100 % payment square meters.

Free cheese

Ukrainians set seeks to acquire a new quality apartments for sale . After all, this is the only opportunity to save on the capital's subway and get comfortable accommodation. However, experience suggests that it does not happen : and to save money, and without interest, and quality accommodation .

Offering to buy an apartment in installments or credit , the developers come primarily from their own interests. Therefore, all the costs and risks translated into monetary value , was originally incorporated in the value of real estate . In some cases , buying homes so the buyer has no clue that the overpayment is clearance loan through a bank.

Another minus installments that property documents only after the buyer receives a 100% repayment of the price. Up to this point property is pledged . However, with bank loans - the same story . Therefore , in the case of non-payment of the next payment , the buyer faces a penalty - this time , and two - in the case of failure to make further payments , the contract is broken , and the buyer pays a penalty in the amount of 10-20% made ​​at the expense of the developer tools .

Risks of investing in a lot of new buildings . Be vigilant and remember about free cheese - it is only in a mousetrap.


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