What the seller is ready to property?

12.11.2010 16:21
Today apartments are purchased primarily for personal use and not for investment purposes. Moreover, 80-85% of transactions are exchange transactions through the buying and selling to improve living conditions or a change in the district of residence.<br /><br />The need to report to the N-th to the amount received from sale of available real estate to buy a new flat limits the maximum value for the seller to make concessions in the process of bargaining with a potential buyer, writes Stroyobzor.<br /><br />The average for such sales discount rate is 3-5% of the declared value of the object.<br /><br />However, the discount rate at auction is not constant, it depends on several factors: duration of exposure of the property, current market conditions (volume and structure of supply and demand dynamics of price indices), the objectives and the specific circumstances of the sale, etc.<br /><br />If an owner of residential real estate as a result of the sale want to get just money, there are several possible scenarios:<br /><br />- If the sale is not urgent, and the current market value of apartments sold are not satisfied with the owner, he may prefer to postpone the sale until a more opportune moment than the lost potential revenue;<br /><br />- If the apartment owner is not willing to wait for changes in market conditions in its favor, it can yield in the bidding process more than 5% of the declared value.<br /><br />The buyer can count on a big discount if you already have "money on his hands, and the seller is interested in the apartment of its implementation as soon as possible or restricted by any other encumbrances, obligations. In this case, the discount can significantly exceed 10%.<br /><br />Thus, trying to find housing that meets the desired parameters, you must be interested in the circumstances of the sale and according to them to negotiate the price. However, to delay the purchase of flats are interested in the hope that the seller has to give it for half price, it is not necessary, since the choice of quality options are always limited, and such objects go to the market faster than most.<br />Stroyobzor.
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