What should I look for when buying a country house?

09.03.2020 00:45
Buying suburban real estate is certainly a pleasant undertaking. The very idea that your own home will appear significantly increases vitality and allows you to look into the future with optimism. But, unfortunately, such a large-scale acquisition is fraught with many major dangers - of a very different nature. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the most common risks, as well as techniques by which these same risks can be neutralized.

The first thing that experts advise to pay attention to is the quality of the facade. If the house is bricked, then you need to pay attention to the seams, They must be smooth, without any differences. In addition, a good brick facade should have a strict line and a clear geometry of shapes. The masonry should be even in color, there should be no whitish stains that indicate the emergence of cement mortar salts on the surface.

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The next step is checking the walls. If the house is already plastered, then it should be "knocked", making sure that the sound is the same: this indicates a uniform thickness and density of the walls, the absence of voids. If the house is wooden, then you need to check how well the tree is dried. This is done using a moisture meter, and the moisture content of the glued beam should not exceed 14-16%, and the usual beam or logs - 16-22%. The color of the wood should be uniform: spots or blackness indicate that the surface is poorly treated with an antiseptic.

We pay attention to the insulation of the roof: how and with what materials it is made, whether we will freeze in the winter.

The next step is to check the operability of electricity, water, gas and the heating system. The interior should be inspected for moisture, fungus and cracks.

In-house verification should be supplemented by monitoring by specialists - firms offering similar services, there are many on the market.


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