What should be the home of an economy class?

08.03.2011 10:15
Articles about real estate | What should be the home of an economy class? Determining the future value of housing starts with solutions developer, where to build and what to build. And the main problem, too, begins with these steps.

In particular, due to imperfect procedure of land allocation. In late summer last year, Ministry of Regional Development on behalf of the Prime Minister developed a concept that focuses on reducing the market value of housing. Among the main points of concern, even as flawed and called the procedure of land allocation and the procedure for shifting all the paper-oformitelnyh moments with the municipality to the developer.

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The concept of the Ministry was designed primarily to developers interested in building economy-class housing and streamline the procedure for land allocation. But what is, in fact - housing economy class, and how should it be ideally?

Back in February 2010, Ministry of Regional Development by its order number 79 has developed guidelines, which were fixed and the main characteristics of such homes. It was about construction projects that use federal funds. In particular, for construction of individual houses building plot is recommended no more than 1000 square meters. m, and if we are talking about erecting locked houses, its recommended size - no more than 400 square meters. m in one unit.

In addition, the recommended total area of low-rise individual houses and blocked houses - no more than 150 square meters. meters are also installed the recommended area of residential premises in such houses. And in 2012, recommended that the height of the residential use of at least 2.7 meters.

Among other things, recommended builders in houses and apartments of economy-class to build the light of legislation on energy efficiency, to carry out interior design and install engineering equipment. In addition, low-rise apartment houses and apartment buildings are encouraged to provide individual or collective instruments of regulation and metering of utility resources.

Another important aspect in the organization of residential development of economy class was the proportion of public areas. Document it is defined at least 20% across the area.

Taken care of, developers of document and the environment. During construction and design of houses is recommended to use environmentally friendly building techniques and materials. But this is only a recommendation, so far as every developer himself determines what will be at the exit a house or apartment is economy class.

The fact that today the economy class is most attractive to developers say the statistics. For example, in Moscow only for the month of December the market of new buildings of this class was about 160 thousand square meters. meters increase compared to the previous month by 30%.
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