What should be the best house?

20.09.2010 22:52
Articles about real estate | What should be the best house? There are no laws on the ratio of the area of the cottage and grounds do not exist, but there are approved norms of insolation - for example, what should be the distance to nearby buildings, reservoir or highway. When a project home is the stage of binding to the site, all of these factors necessarily considered.

Palace at the patch
Develop a plan for building the plot, which takes into account the location of absolutely all facilities to each other, the cardinal and the neighboring houses, it is difficult. Of course, competent architects will be able to organize the space and ergonomically comfortable. And if architects are illiterate? But if rationality prevails over their view of the customer who wants the six acres otgrohat three-story palace? In general, the area of the house affect the configuration of the site and number of floors of the building. With regard to relations between the allotment and spot development (size of home), there shall come into force the laws of the market, which set the "rules of etiquette." It is worth remembering that sell a small plot with a huge cottage is practically impossible, even at cost (although some desire to excel is giving way to common sense).

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It is considered that the optimum ratio of size of the house and grounds - about 1 in 10. However, some experts believe that the "golden section" - it is 1 to 15. "It is not recommended in the six acres to erect two-storey house is more spacious 120 square meters. m, - says Lyudmila Yezhova, CEO of Terra Real Estate. - Two or three bedrooms will be enough for a comfortable stay a family of four. The optimal variant is when the house is an area of 200 square meters. m is placed at the site 10.12 hectare. Accordingly, a cottage in the 350-400 square meters. m organically fit on 15-20 acres, a mansion in the 500-600 square meters. m requires at least 30 ares. With less liquidity of housing land will be quite low.

Act - do not Towbar

However, some architects are listed proportions seem nebesspornymi. One can list many examples when the cottage the size of 350-400 square meters. m, and, with basement and attic is very well situated on 12 acres. And it also happens that the structure of this size, "sat" on 25 acres and the area seemed overloaded. So that deviations from the rules were acceptable. For example, if almost all the snout of the earth is a home for permanent residence, it is justified - such as housing people perceive as something between a cottage and an urban apartment, a minimum number of ares is a pleasant bonus. Bought up in the same section of town houses, where in addition to housing is allocated a tiny piece of land.

"In areas without a contract at home, in most cases are intended for permanent residence, - says Sergey Migunov, director of marketing and development of GC" Conti. " - Accordingly, in addition to the home is necessary to place the infrastructure, technical facilities and a garage. If the cottage would be too large, the structure of stray in a heap, and space for garden and recreation area will be practically no ". At the same time buying a plot without a contract after a certain time can result in a solid inconvenience. "The fact that such places tend to turn into" Shanghai ", where one builds on the rule of" who first stood up - that and sneakers, not observing any recommended proportions, or advice on height, nor the rules of accommodation ancillary facilities, - explains Armen Markosian, director of marketing Rodex Group. - The suburbs are enough examples where the white stone villas with pools and forged gate, which would have envied the inhabitants of the C?te d'Azur, side by side with chopped houses 6x7. Naturally, the social homogeneity of the speech here is not coming. "

At its discretion

In horticultural associations question about how to build a house, decided purely individual. If you plan to stay only in summer, of course, there is no need to seriously deal with warming, spend money on the heating system, and the area should not be increased to absurd dimensions - for 6-8 acres is quite enough of 100-120 square meters. m. But the garden will be fragrant and give the garden a rich harvest. If, however, have chosen a place in any village, again, is to think carefully: to erect there a boyar's mansion, or better not to stand out and tune out the other "villagers". In a centuries-old villages of upstarts are not welcome.

Of great importance and form of allotment. At the very elongated sections is difficult to arrange the garden and promenade. Do not have time to think, in what place to put a garage, a gazebo or a bath. Therefore, in the land acquisition process should use the recommendations of experts concerning a comfortable ratio of length and width of the "piece of the homeland". Convenient to assume that sites 20 to 30 m 40 to 50 m, etc. Also popular area trapezoidal and irregular shape. At the very least, say their owners, do not feel that you live in the fenced square or rectangle.


Another moment of reflection - how high do the house: one-, two-, three-story? It all depends on taste, imagination, number of family members and the availability of finance. According to the architectural canons, floors depends on the size of the area. In addition to a small plot to build odnoetazhku simply unprofitable, but the two-level house, giving a smaller building spot, doubling its usable area. On the other hand, it is obvious that the number of floors affect construction costs. For example, the inclusion in the plan, even a ground level leads to a substantial rise in the cost of the project, and the gain of the third floor and did double the price. Nevertheless, if the site is small, and the house needs a big, growing up - a forced measure.

If we talk about fashion, then it must be said: Today, customers and private developers prefer "average", mostly two-storeyed house. In addition, in connection with the development of residential estates and infrastructure dacha future owners began to abandon the cellars, where in the late 90's it was fashionable to place the sauna, video halls, pool, utility room, and sometimes the guest bedrooms. In general, the demand for tall buildings is gone.

Optimum and slightly above
According to experts, the main demand now accounts for two-level home with full attic or second floor. The presence of the cap - is possible. Such popularity is due, and economic feasibility - cost of 1 sq. km. m is much lower, can be optimal zoning, and besides, to choose whatever architectural style. Finally, in the tradition of the house should be stairs. That's why 90% of the houses - two levels. With regard to single-storey buildings, as a rule, they choose people with a wide experience of suburban life, some have changed not one house. Certainly, it is largely applies to projects elitklassa as a house requires a site area of at least 50-70 hectare.

But the three-storey houses have lost their popularity - not only because of cost, but also because of difficulties with the internal layout, not to mention the fact that the stairs take up valuable space. From a large number of stairs buyer not happy: jogging up and down is not so much, especially if the family are elderly. And parents of preschool children in a house not Pozar, fearing for the health of babies, for which the ladder - the constant risk of injury. Some owners of "skyscrapers" recognized that on the third floor they have to visit a couple times a month, and then during the show of their possessions guests. But the huge electricity bills and utilities have to pay monthly.

Higher cloud
Houses four floors and more were popular at the dawn of a country market. The first "palaces" for the most part consisted of two full floors, basement and attic. Owners of such monsters seemed - the spacious mansion or more stages, the higher their status. But as the market develops and experience people have realized how uncomfortable living in a house.

However, fantasies and desires are limitless, and finance - it can be acquired. With a deficit of optimal space - 150-200 square meters. m, number of floors - one or two. Parameters of the business class - 250-450 square meters. m, which fits in two or even three floors. For expensive estates or villas and 600 square meters. m not the limit, and therefore are willing to build three four-story buildings. But in any case it is necessary to take into account the purpose of the house - it is permanent or raids from time to time. Clearly, in the first case, the useful area should be more, and to resolve this issue only through stories.

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