What real estate in Crimea Russians possess?

01.03.2014 00:00
Articles about real estate | What real estate in Crimea Russians possess? Russian citizens have traditionally been the most active buyers of real estate in the Crimea of non-residents , so the latest developments on the Black Sea coast is a strong concern in the very first from the owners of the property. Russians traditionally attracted the Crimean Black Sea coast. Among non-residents owning real estate in the Crimea, Russian citizens take the lion's share . On average , according to the Russian Realtors , they belong to the order of 50 thousand houses on the peninsula.

According to the leading specialist of marketing department of Ukrainian consulting company SV Development Sergei Kostetskii average in each new residential complex to 25 % of the owners of apartments - the Russians . The greatest number of properties on the southern coast of the Crimea belongs to the citizens of Russia.

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" For Russians are quite different. Transactions usually committed in the price range from $ 50K to $ 1 million ," - said " RBC Estate " company president " Department of Real Estate Total R " Julia Gorak .

As the coordinator of the trading system Rem Navigator Oleg Sikorski , mainly our compatriots are buying real estate on the coast of the Crimea, and primarily interested in the quality of their luxury housing . " The Russians own apartment in a luxury residential complex area of 100 square meters. Meters and houses ranging from 200 sq. m. M, as well as land . From Russian buyers also have an interest in and to the apartments in new residential complex," - said the expert .

" And Russian companies own the entire building , in which about one thousand apartments . Apartments here are usually sold fully finished by European standards at an average price of $ 5-6 thousand for 1 square. M " , - added the member Board of Directors One Baltic Investment Group Golubovich .

According to Alexei Holubovych Russians also owns and inexpensive apartments in the coastal cities (mostly in Yalta , Gurzuf ) . They use them as leisure facilities . The cost of these apartments - from 1.4 to 2.5 thousand dollars per 1 square. m, depending on their location.

Despite the fact that the political battles to come with Ukraine last fall, realtors say that has not yet been a single case , that someone from the citizens of the Russian Federation refused to purchase housing. " Anyone who wanted to buy a property in the Crimea, not abandoned its plans . Nevertheless, there are people who put off buying until until it stabilizes the situation in Ukraine " , - said Julia Gourock .

Oleg Sikorski agree with my colleague . " Russians still do not abandon their plans to purchase housing . Transactions on buying real estate from the Russians are not postponed " , - assured the realtor.

However, he notes that in general unfavorable economic situation in Ukraine negatively affected the demand from Russian buyers. "Recently, there was a decline in demand for residential properties in the Crimea by the Russians . This occurred against the backdrop of worsening political relations between Russia and Ukraine. Demand for real estate on the peninsula is now quite weak ," - says Sikorski .

Base properties worth noting that the real estate market is different from the stock and quite inert , so some political , economic and other developments are reflected on it with a fairly large time lag .

" As will be further development of the situation , whether the Russians are still actively buying real estate in the Crimea will be announced in the near future " - said Julia Gorak . It does not exclude the fact that the recent political developments will have a positive impact on interest in real estate on the peninsula by the Russians . " Very often, property owners in such cases provide great discounts - explains realtor. - For example, in 2008 . , When the crisis struck , housing sales in the Crimea have doubled ."

However, clear forecasts for the development of the situation in Crimea do not give even the experts in politics. Events such as the law on lustration , the introduction of the visa regime for Russians , increase property taxes for non-residents , or any other event which could seriously change the real estate market of the Crimea , as well as demand from the citizens of Russia.

" If the political situation in the country will continue to deteriorate , and it comes to a military conflict with Russia , the Russians are unlikely to be as actively buy houses in the Crimea, - says Oleg Sikorski . - But so far we can say that the political situation is beginning to stabilize , all registration departments of Ukraine work as usual .
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