What problem differs from the cottage?

27.08.2010 07:45
Articles about real estate | What problem differs from the cottage? Cottage - is an object of suburban real estate, which is slightly different from the cottage in the interpretation of the term, a different concept.
Cottage - is a building, a house that may be in an urban environment, and the problem - it is a figurative expression of the form of inexpensive suburban housing.

COTTAGE - designed for permanent residence. For this purpose he is provided with all necessary communications. But this is not its only distinction. The house can be hot water, toilet, bathroom, and even a sauna, but he has no right to be called a cottage, if costs to the environment, such as holiday homes. Cottage must be connected to other buildings of Unified Communications. Cottage - a house on one or more owners.

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Mansion - a house with all amenities, which is separate from other buildings (apart - its name suggests), and the owner of it can be only one family. The owners of the mansion can not live there permanently, and to maintain order in a building to use hired staff and guards.

HOMESTEAD - a kind of mansion, which, moreover, is situated on a large plot of land with the house, parks and alleys. This house served: security, gardener, chauffeur and other staff. For some reason, used to think that the class at home affect the materials from which it is built. For example, that the cottage can only be built of brick. But the class at home is not determined by the materials and facilities, which it is equipped.

COTTAGE-known today as a country house with land, but first - the land granted to its citizens of a prince, what is given, this - is derived from the verb "give".
Cottage - country house for the urban families are generally not used by its owners for permanent residence. In Russia and former Soviet countries villas known as a simple plywood construction without any amenities on four acres of land, and multi-room stone houses on plots per hectare or more.
Cottage is often not the specific structure, and a house located outside the city. To buy a cottage, use a base of ads from individuals and companies on the site Zagorodna.com, for this necessarily be an oligarch or a business owner, and to purchase business-class cabin - the buyer is almost always must be a man with money is much higher than average. Cottage can be compared to the cottage economy class, but the cottage - it is almost always a new suburban housing, and the purchase of cottages can bring you the old house on six acres near the busy highway.
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