What offers Ivano-Frankivsk real estate market?

27.08.2010 16:01
Articles about real estate | What offers Ivano-Frankivsk real estate market? Life is different - that square meter is not at all, then rent eats up all the salaries. Here the key problem is buying their own homes. What offers today Ivano-Frankivsk real estate market and how to find the option that fits your wallet.

Price stood
Economic crisis or not is strongest hit by the construction industry. Demand for apartments has decreased significantly. This was one of the factors falling prices per square meter.

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But now the situation began to stabilize, say builders. "Of course, now the market is not easy, but no tragedy I do not see, - said Vladimir jest, head of construction company" Yarkovytsya. - There are several large developers, who also can work stably. A home and just need to buy well-known firms that are celebrated primarily stable for many years.

According to the joke, although the prices stabilized and no downward trend. But in future they will slowly creep up. "Firstly, it happens by lack of apartments, which will be very little - he says. - Second, the expected recovery value of building materials in connection with the recent statements about increasing gas prices.

Today the cost per square meter in the primary market more or less fixed. "Price ranges from 3.5 thousand to 7 thousand USD. per square meter - Bolhak tells John, director of OOO "Potential". - The greater demand small teor?a queer refugiasdas shooting galleries, the so-called economy class - 40 to 80 squares.

Cost of meter depends on several factors. The first, which is building area. It currently erect as in the vicinity (so-called sleeping areas) and in the downtown. "Building a few neighborhoods - said Vladimir joke - one of them on the street. Manufacturing, etc. - in Kryhivtsyah, in Cascade, near the park Warriors internationalists, we have several smaller construction sites.

Secondly, the price may vary and from the floor, which is flat. "Abroad, it is believed that higher floor, the better - says John Bolhak. - We have the opposite - "good" from the second floor is in the fifth. After all, our reality may suddenly not be electricity, no lift and it will cause considerable inconvenience. However, creating value, we do not follow any inconvenience, but that these floors greater demand.

By the way, new buildings have several advantages. "This - the electric wiring in the walls, screed, meters of gas, water, light. In addition, metal windows and third floor "- says Taras Mytsyk, head LLC" Transkomservis. One of the biggest advantages of new buildings - new reliable network and independent heating.

To each his own
Ivano-Frankivsk has several major schemes in buying new homes. The first and simplest - you buy an apartment already in the house put into operation. Of course, if you have on hand is sufficient amount of money.

But today more common is another option - rozterminuvannya payment during construction. At the apartment to wait ... but this scheme is less painful hits the family budget. "We attract investors' funds at any stage of construction - Mytsyk says Taras. - Man looks, how it manages the amount, we estimate the real value of the apartment. Divide the amount as convenient to the client - monthly or quarterly. In this case the person has another significant advantage - the customer can change to the planning of her apartment building.

Today, construction companies are taken to look for new approaches that have attracted customers. "Potential investors, we offer a new investment scheme - it is about rozterminuvannya payment for eight years - said Ivan Bolhak. - In other words, the outstanding amount will be charged a certain percentage. It is quite convenient option for those who have little money and wants to buy an apartment. If you split the amount of eight years (under 96 months), the monthly payments will be negligible, even for the Ukrainian reality.

Used hut
However, in addition to the primary market is new, and do not forget about the secondary. This is a flat already owned the previous displacement.
In this case, also previously mentioned factors that affect the price, found a few more. For "common" flat, unlike new, very different from one another.

"The apartment cost impact: the region, which is flat, the type of planning, the type of heating or repairs made there, is there all the conveniences. The fact that this building - brick or panel - says Oksana Maksymchyn, founder of real estate agency "Janus". - Secondary market price of Ivano-Frankivsk formed in dollars - from 700-750 to 1000-1200 per square meter.

However, for these apartments there are some nuances that need to know. And if you target them, the better to refer to specialists. "Real estate agency wants to minimize the risks of all rights - says Oksana. - Accepting an item for sale, the agency conducts a conversation with the owners, meets with documentation-Tamimi. Because today many people abroad, check whether all owners will be present at registration. That is, or will actually hold a clearance in the near future. Also find out if there is minor owners. For each apartment there is the risk of debt. This real estate prepares documents for notarization.

The price of real estate service agencies - to be negotiated. But in our town they work mainly by three per cent of the cost of purchase.

There are many variants. If you look good, you'll find that your. Companies involved in real estate, chorus say: to each client's individual needs, given its capabilities. We can only wish - and available to you own home. "Reporter"
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