What is to be the capital in the next 15 years?

08.10.2010 12:50
Articles about real estate | What is to be the capital in the next 15 years? Done! The concept of strategic development of Kyiv for the period up to 2025, about which so much spoken and written, approved by city council. On the way to develop a new Master Plan for the capital made the first concrete step wide. But only the first step and more!

There should be no illusions. Concept - it is only to identify potential opportunities and needs of the city. It is - only a comprehensive representation of city leaders on what could be the capital in the next 15 years.

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Incidentally, it is unclear why 15? Until now, all general plan of Kiev, as well as the general plan of all Ukrainian cities are designed and developed by today's twenty-year period. So stipulated by state regulations and planning codes of the country, which is discussed now by the Supreme Council. However, so decided on a whim, without looking around, the previous city administration. However, it can be easily and should be corrected.

After concept - it is only the optimal model of city development. This is only resursoobosnovyvayuschy document, complex, scientifically based attempt to identify what and how much the city should be to get closer to international social and urban development standards. And the upbeat official reports about the future scale of housing construction, and based on the concept of pink descriptions of Kiev-2025 in the media - this is still only dreams. Rather, it is only then that the law is most often categorized as "honest mistake".

It is very important to know - everything is just beginning! Now, if you want to achieve real improvements in urban development complex of the city, which will not remain on paper or computer, to do the most important, most difficult - to develop a master plan resursoobosnovanny, supported not only Kievgorsovetom, but that is not less important, Kievoblsovetom. After all, Kiev, and the metropolitan area a lot of common interests and problems. And yet - it would be good and supported by the Cabinet of Ministers, as it was with all the General Plan of the capital except for the currently in force. That he was not "local Legal Code", which can be changed at each session of city council and government documents that are not povadno disturb anyone.

And do not hold the race with obstacles. No one, nowhere and never was able to develop a complete master plan of the city's three million per year, as it intends to do in the Kyiv City Council. Will be the new master plan for six months earlier or later, from this single penny in gorbyudzhete not appear. Not built one kilometer of new subway lines and city roads, not increase a single square meters of new housing and still not diminish the cars on city streets. And build it all at the applicable general plan of today, nothing and no one interferes.

It is very important to realize: Master Plan - is not planning document, no economic plan and no plan for economic and social development, which determines what, where, when and for how the money will be constructed. That is, unfortunately, a misconception exists in the public consciousness. Master plan, above all, fully justify a planning document that defines the global path of integrated spatial development of cities. And the presence or absence of funds in the budget online, or closer, or postpones the implementation of laid down in his verified objectively necessary for the city-making.

Together, let us recognize it! It is with such yardsticks come to develop and approve a new General Plan. Then we may hope that in the future, maybe, everything will be okay.

Andrew Malafeev, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Institute of Urban civil engineering
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