What is the real estate owned by the government in Ukraine

21.10.2015 00:30
Articles about real estate | What is the real estate owned by the government in Ukraine The first person in Ukraine live a luxurious palaces or modest obscenely basements.  ABC news has decided to take advantage of the public register of real estate and find out what objects officially own the first person of state: President Poroshenko, Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Speaker of the Parliament Vladimir Groisman and Housing Minister Gennady Zubko.

Most poor
In Ukraine, the poor can be anyone, even the Deputy Prime Minister, who is also Minister of Regional Development, Construction and Housing Gennady Zubko. On request ABCnews addressed "Zubko Gennadіy Grigorovich" electronic system reported that at the request did not match.

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Of course, the whole thing could be that the registry simply does not have time to make the data on property owned or leased by Gennady Zubko. After all, as the Deputy Minister of Justice told ABCnews Gia Getsadze, at the opening on October 6 in the registry have been made, only the objects registered no later than the beginning of 2011. But property owners can self electronically send scanned documents Office that it has made the necessary data to the registry.
Obviously, Gennady Zubko this issue is not worried because the income declaration for 2014 officials have a list of its own properties: section 2 thousand sq. M. m house area of ​​220.9 square meters. m, a garage of 24 square meters. m, as well as a quarter of apartments with a total area 87.28 square meters. m.

The Lord of the cellars
The register has two entries on property owned Yatsenyuk Arseny Petrovich - one from 2004, the second of 2005.
April 21, 2004, according to the register, his name has been issued a certificate of ownership of: a two-bedroom apartment with total area of ​​104.9 square meters. m, as well as eleven basements with total area of ​​77 square meters. m. The whole property is located in Chernivtsi.
In 2005, a few months after the Orange Revolution, Yatsenyuk came home a total area of ​​343.5 square meters. m in the new Petrovtsy near Kiev. The total cost of the project referred to in the register - 263 945 USD, according to NBU rate on the day was about $ 52.2 thousand.
However, if you believe the declarations of income Yatsenyuk for 2014, is now home of the prime minister is missing or reduce it. According to the declaration, he owns a house of 298 square meters. m and an area of ​​3012 square meters. m, three flats (83, 225 and 34 sq. m respectively), garden house (114 sq. m) and a garage of 45 square meters. m.

Trading series
The situation is similar at the Verkhovna Rada Chairman Volodymyr Groisman. First, the registry appears exclusively one object for which registration is held on 23 October 2008, t. E. In the period for which the data has not been entered in the register of the Ministry of Justice. It is a non-residential premises - the shop of industrial products group, located in Vinnitsa on the prospect of Youth, and covers an area of ​​1051.6 square meters. m. The object is fully privately owned Groisman Vladimir Borisovich, officially estimated at 860.7 thousand. UAH (about $ 169 thousand. at the rate of NBU at the time of registration).
However, according to the declaration, in addition to this facility, Groisman owns four plots of land with total area of ​​9.16 sq. M. m, two houses (534 sq. m and 461 sq. m), as well as four different object properties with a total area of ​​1.1 thousand sq. m. m.

The most rich
The most prosperous turned Poroshenko. It is noteworthy that on it in the registry appear only fresh deal. Since September 17, 2014 in full private ownership proved to be 0.5 hectares of land in Kiev.
More on Poroshenko Peter I registered a lease agreement for up to 2064. It is a coastal strip area of ​​0.75 ha near the river in the village Kozin Kozynka Kiev region. The agreement is designed with the right of prolongation and Sublet, the annual rent for use of the land is 5% of the normative assessment of land that on 17 July 2015 amounted to 479.4 thousand. UAH ($ 21.8 thousand. At the rate of NBU on the specified date ). It turns out that every year the use of access to open water will cost Poroshenko incomplete 24 thousand. UAH. According to the NBU rate as of today is a little more than $ 1,100.
For a small but significant concession areas adjacent the other - a large (3.3 ha) and a wholly privately owned president. As stated in the register, ownership of it passed Poroshenko 7 June 2013 on the basis of the liquidation balance of "Sports complex" Summer 2000 ".
Accordingly, in this area it is a house of the president with some unusual ratio of general and residential areas: 1,3 thousand. And 191.9 sq. m, respectively. It is noteworthy that the ownership of the house was registered December 12, 2012 - earlier than on land.
The house is listed in the declaration of income Poroshenko for 2014, which appear belonging to it and five plots with a total area of ​​46,880 square meters. m. Also, according to the declaration, have Poroshenko property has three apartments (a total of 284.41 sq. m) and one other subject of real estate (35.3 sq. m).
In addition, the real estate register and the number of mortgage contracts registered in the Odessa region 8 June 2007. His object serves recreation "Swan" in s. Lyman Tatarbunar district of Odessa region. The size of mortgages set at $ 1 million USD, term obligations of 30 October 2010. Other information about the contract, the conditions of its execution or of the property in the register does not contain.
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