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15.02.2012 09:00
Articles about real estate | What is the «hobbits»? Villages of interest, they are also themed villages ("subject"), they are also hobby-villages. Or the "hobbits", as referred to realtors are not the most successful projects. Like any other fruitful idea, "subject" are used in the tail and mane. If there is not no reservoir, no hills, no space for a golf club, a theater studio and will fit place for racing radio-controlled models. What future for these towns?

We agree to immediately charge the developers that the "subjects" are just a marketing ploy - the same as the accusations of populism, which is awarded each other's policies. Yes, the marketing approach, so what? All manipulations around the seller of the goods - a series of moves, more or less competent marketing. The question is whether the consumer cost of "themes" corresponds to the surplus. More precisely, as the seller had convinced the buyer that matches.

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And also specify that the "subjects" are neither institutional nor etnokontseptualnye villages. The existence of the first fully justified, or at least explained by a number of arguments: economic calculation, the maintenance of the corporate spirit, finally, an imitation of "Krupnyakov" when a group of top managers of the company decides to middling "stir up" a settlement, such as the Kaluga highway, adjacent to the settlement of the gas monopoly.

If your company has a fad in the corporate spirit, and the settlement would be "thematically" any longer. Moreover, the "theme" is determined by the preferences and capabilities of the CEO or political considerations. Once it was tennis, then skiing and martial arts. After Vladimir Putin in the early 2000s, praised the sporting opportunities Dmitrovsky areas, large companies began to buy up whole sections of here, "Liechtenstein".

It is said that a company that could not keep up with the others, bought at a bargain-filled "heaped" landfill, in other words, dump, fill up with debris and put up a wonderful ski runs for the villagers, who erected there. And not one she was.

The problem is that the departmental settlements, by definition, can not have a relationship to the market. Of course, all kinds of modern villages "writers" or "artists" are also not departmental. But who today writes in blogs and fotozhabit?
As etnokontseptualnyh settlements, the more primitive hybrid "Ponte" and it is difficult to come up with an inferiority complex. A good example has led some of the experts of the market, citing a book, Alain de Botton "The Architecture of Happiness". It tells of a "Dutch" settlement in Japan, where not only the canals and mills, and building materials, technologies have been relatives, Dutch. Nothing but disgust for the author-European, the Japanese tradition of respecting the original, this settlement did not call.

So imagine how European visitors perceive your pride - a cottage in some "Wurttemberg village." Why are there private developers! Presidential envoy to the North Caucasus Federal District in a recent interview said, what perplexing cause of potential investors, our cowardice in the selection of the concept: "Here I met with the Armani Group, are engaged in designing hotels - most famous architects, and specialists. "Well, - they say - you do in Sochi? You are building a new European spa, which no one will be interesting to ride. We have it all already. At the same time you have a gorgeous Caucasus, with its untouched, with its savage professional beauty indescribable. Take Alan temples, observation towers - and make their style hotels that reflect the flavor of this. And trample here, because what's interesting to see for the first time. " This is by no means a call to return to homespun origins, to the huts and Saclay. These cheap popular fancies and look at all shabby.

Unfortunately, the adage "Everyone considers himself a teacher, doctor and politician" should be added "and the architect." Maybe the problem is ineradicable conviction of the Russian customer (the customer of all - from architectural design to props to the children's festival) that he "knows better how to": he "pays the money." The logical construction of the handicap does not bother him.

Only in very few projects (to list them, enough fingers of one hand) will achieve the greatest architects of freedom within the budget. And these projects are going to cheer. It remains to wait to see the competitors in the freedom of the architect is not a marketing ploy, and the condition of success. However, if we call things by their proper names, in most cases, the concept of some "Quebec Village" is chosen because of the economy on the production of cheap technology.

What remains of the thematic villages? The very same interests, hobbies, settlements. Strictly speaking, to distinguish this village from the usual simple: gather friends and built a village ... For these and fingers of one hand would be too much. That's torn between the desire to get the developer "chip" and the reluctance to limit the target audience. It turns out porridge-gruel.

Here, too, there is one "but". Do not call "thematic" elite settlements near Moscow. What was the "counter" six or eight years ago (yacht club, a ski slope, golf course, stables for the settlement or its immediate vicinity), today is a prerequisite for high-status settlement.

Thus, the "subject matter" - not a good life. This is one of the few instruments to create a product "elite class" of 50 km from Moscow and the "business class" - 100 km and beyond. Cheating? No. The vanguard. In a few years, and these successful "chips" and become simply a condition of the claimed status.

Be bold, gentlemen developers. Yes, the set is small. But in life there is always a fantasy. There is already a settlement of hunters. However, before the land from him as far as to Moscow, but is this the hunters have nothing to do in his spare time? (See picture of Vasily Perov's "Hunters at Rest").

Big hopes for further relief for fans of aeronautics in the suburbs. Here is one of the deputies landed a helicopter in the yard of Trinity-Sergius Lavra, crossed himself, and then flew off. There is a growing town with one of the airfields of small aircraft (that he is really one of those that interest) continue to experiment with balloons. But in light of the possible relocation of the federal authorities in Moscow it is difficult to predict how it will affect the flight mode.

And yet another "let's." Let's not call it all in sports. Townships with this sport virtually no infrastructure and can not be. For example, the first complex near Moscow in Russia, 18-hole golf course owned by FSUE Russian Foreign Ministry. Cottage village - it is still housing, and not the base of the preparation of the Olympic team.

In addition, membership, even in an amateur team and the opportunity to purchase a house in the cottage of high class - things are very different. In a team sport fishing are old friends, but they are people of unequal wealth. By the way, if you imagine that someone will ask for a settlement with the present infrastructure of the sports fishery, it would be a cost, perhaps, the more expensive golf club. But this is not possible: Akhtuba to Karelia did not interbreed.

So what is the theme camps? Sell? Impasse? Neither one nor the other. As mentioned above, it is the vanguard, acting through trial and error. Developer pursues its own interests, the problem of buyer cottage - to assess how "trick" of the village meets its interests.

Perhaps not lose those developers, who in the years to orient to the retirees - of course, active and affluent. And it's not the most affluent - those who are sufficiently mini-golf, a leisurely horse-riding, pond with carp. For the most advanced - eastern practices: feng shui, yoga and other Blavatsky.

It is difficult to judge whether we will get accustomed ekoposelki. Environmental phobias it's not very characteristic of the Russian consciousness. And for those who did them susceptible, natural skepticism will tell you that eco-friendly materials and environmentally friendly production - not quite the same thing, that is, the production of some "clean" nature of the material costs twice as much.

Those who read the bonus. One company has seriously studied the possibility of building on the southern suburbs of the village for amateur gardeners. Since the idea belonged to the author, and that company no longer exists, the idea is vacant. You can not even imagine how many colors there are ground for which our climate is unsuitable, but ... they grow up! Combine cottage village with a botanical garden - this is the theme.
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