What is the foreign real estate interested in the Russians in July 2010?

17.08.2010 16:38
According to a progress report portal Prian.ru of the most popular among Russian buyers of real estate markets, the interest of our fellow citizens is extremely stable for the third month in a row.<br /><br />In the top ten ranking of countries was only one change: Turkey ceded to 8 line of Montenegro.<br /><br />The real estate market in Bulgaria continues to occupy first place in the ranking of interests of Russians for two consecutive years. In July, the share of this country from the total number of requests for proposals based portal Prian.ru increased by 1,8% and reached a record 21.55%. The previous record of Bulgaria established in November 2008 - 21,27%. However, the separation of Bulgaria from the "persecutors" has not grown as interest in occupying the second line in Germany in July also rose relative to June.<br /><br />Continues to decline as expected share of the interest of Russians to the United States and Finland. Czech real estate market stopped its fall in the rankings (May and June) and again went up to fifth place, which is Italy.<br /><br />The award Prian.ru analysts in May and June 2010 increased interest in "warm" countries in July stabilized and even started to decline. It is not surprising: in Moscow and St. Petersburg, the thermometer showed quite "spa" 30-40 degrees. More significant only dropped the interest of Russians to Turkey (from 3.93% to 3.32%) and Egypt (from 2,04% to 1,79%).<br /><br />Outside the top ten in July, significantly added Thailand, Estonia, Sweden and Cyprus - by the way, this is the first increase in interest in the property market in Cyprus in October 2009. Lost positions Lithuania and Hungary.<br /><strong>prian.ru</strong><br />
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