What is silent real estate broker?

01.11.2010 12:28
Choosing a broker is not easy, but we must remember that in many ways he will not be able to finish.<br /><br />"You're the only one who is interested in this apartment"<br /><br />If your agent - a representative of the seller (which is usually a common occurrence), it makes no sense to tell you that, except for you, this apartment no one cares. The reason for this is clear: the broker is concerned that his client (the seller) has received more money for their homes.<br /><br />"I could give you a much better service"<br /><br />If you have children or are you going to make, then, before you buy a new apartment or house, you probably would be useful to obtain information on the availability of kindergartens and schools, as well as the criminal state in the area. Of course, you can learn about all of this on their own, but a good broker should be nice to know district and be aware of all cases occurring around them. If your broker can not you intelligibly describe the selected area, better find yourself another specialist.<br /><br />"This apartment is" hung "<br /><br />For the broker dealer is a serious problem. "Hung" means that an apartment or a house are on the market for a long time and it is rarely interested.<br /><br />"My fees can be lowered"<br /><br />You may be able to restructure the payment of commissions to your broker. For example, you can set a fixed rate plus a bonus for his help in lowering prices. And if it does not, then you can reset the interest rate from its commission. A broker will call you to their "normal" commission, but that does not mean that they can not be changed.<br /><br />"You can have several agents or brokers'<br /><br />If you have not signed with his broker an exclusive agreement, you can use the services of multiple brokers or agents. Just as you choose accommodation, you can choose and agents. Are you interested in the ultimate goal - housing, with the help of several people, this is achieved, you should not worry. One agent, who you toward this goal will, and will receive a reward.<br /><br />"This house is not for sale, for serious reasons"<br /><br />This is another important point, and better, if the broker in this case is on your side. By law, brokers must inform you of any deficiencies in a box at home. But they can silence the other shortcomings that may exist in this house. For example, a seller's agent will not tell you that this apartment for many years was a den of drug addicts. And it will be for you not very good news after the purchase of an apartment.<br /><br />By tradition, the agents and brokers represent the seller of real estate. Therefore, you should always remember: The broker is interested in is that you pay the rent as much as possible. In this situation, the seller gets more money for their property, and the broker - higher fees, which constitute the sum of the percentage of the cost of housing.<br /><br />In the next article we will try to give you a few tips you can use when choosing a broker (or agent) for real estate.<br /><a href="https://www.zagorodna.com">www.zagorodna.com</a><br />
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