What is most important: price or quality

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Articles about real estate | What is most important: price or quality As is well known, quality-price ratio is the determining factor for buyers of apartments. For objective reasons for the same as the cost of housing in Moscow is much higher than in the suburbs, which moves in the direction of demand. Outside the Ring Road and offered a variety of cottage villages, where "square" is two times cheaper than in the capital. However, due to the large area of objects their demand is very low.

Students and bachelors
In today's reality competition between developers of residential projects tougher every day. There is a clear revival of the economy, and the number of sales transactions apartments creeping up steadily. However, the proposed options for most buyers can not afford. The only way out - it's dumping. According to experts, this tactic is very reasonable and it justifies itself by 100%. For example, in the residential complex "Novoshodnensky" studio apartments (from the English. Studio) covering about 30 square. m can be obtained from 1,5 million rubles. According to information posted on the official website of the object, the first installment is 300 thousand rubles. After which the client has the opportunity to take a mortgage in the Savings Bank for 10-15 years.

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Vladimir Tribrat, marketing director of the Civil Code "Pioneer", believes that the studio over 1.5 million relates to affordable housing. It is suitable for students and bachelors, as well as for those who live and work in the two cities, or those who need to buy a temporary shelter at the time, will be accumulated until a certain amount to the more spacious version. "If we talk about the Moscow region, then this product is only available in the area. In Moscow, the minimum cost of the studio area of 30 square meters. m will be no less than 3,2-3,5 mln. ", - said the expert.

"Buy a home to 2 million rubles. against the background of much higher prices of capital real estate market - it's a great prospect for a middle-class people with permanent earnings, albeit low. This low price made by the developer minimize areas of apartments, with the price per square remains the market, even a little higher given klassnost object and the initial stage of construction ", - says Director of the Department of new buildings Est-a-Tet Julia Geras'kina.

The expert stresses that analogs of this class of housing on the market today virtually none. Buying a one-room apartment in a new suburbs in the early stages of construction will be at least 1.9 million rubles. A Gangplank - this is just one of the areas where a large scale new developments are built cheap. "Complex" Novoshodnensky "will be in great demand, especially among buyers with limited budget - believe in" NDV-Real Estate. - Especially when you save the proposed terms of the mortgage and establish the necessary social infrastructure that buyers are not less important than the cost of housing. "

Life outside Moscow
It is clear that the cost of apartments in Moscow and the Moscow region vary at times. Thus, in the Yaroslavl highway at a distance of 10-20 km from Moscow sold 4 complexes: "Youth gorod'Ok", "Gorod'Ok Pirogovo", "Royal Gorod'Ok", "Gorod'Ok Maltsev. They acquire a studio of 21 square meters. m at an early stage of construction is possible for 1.3 million rubles. Also, sales are conducted in a liquid crystal "Marusin in Lyubertsy district, where the price is an average of 1.75 million rubles. for a flat area about 30 square meters. m

Over 1.5 million rubles. the secondary housing market of Moscow Region to buy "odnushku" area of 31 square meters. m in a brick house in the town of Sergiev Posad on the street. Train station. For the same money one bedroom apartment for sale in Orekhovo-Zuevo to travel Bugrova. Total area of apartments, located in the pre-fabricated house is 45 square meters. m. That is the price level can be seen that the cheap deals are at a significant distance from Moscow. "Today demand is more geographically biased towards the near and middle suburbs, where prices are more affordable housing supply more economy-and where to go daily to work in Moscow even if not very comfortable, but quite real," - says Yulia Geras'kina.

Now on the secondary market of the capital cost of the cheapest housing apartments, according to the corporation "Incom" is 3.7 million rubles. (1-room apartment with total area of 23.6 square meters. Krasnobogatyrskaya meters on the street, HLW). For less money, sold only room. The minimum cost of a room in Moscow, currently starts at 1.7 million rubles. (St. General Tuleneva, a room in a three-room flat area about 9 square meters. M). The maximum cost of a room in the capital city of 6.5 million rubles. (Room in a 3-room apartment on the street Spiridonovka).

"The key factor for buyers - the price-quality ratio. In the secondary market is predominantly flat economy class. In the primary - Homes in ready homes, handed over the state commission ", - says Dmitry Taganov, head of the analytical center of Inkom. "Among the buyers of housing in greatest demand today enjoys comfort-class: offer of apartments in new buildings at a cost of economy class, but with an additional set of options for infrastructure, engineering, etc. This is not a prefabricated house designed for a relatively short lifespan, and the monolithic building construction, allows you to create underground parking, and release more space for construction ", - say in the NDV-Real Estate.

Houses outside the Town
As an alternative to an apartment in Moscow and Moscow region buyers often view vacation homes and townhouses. "Most of the buyers of townhouses in the suburbs - it's the middle class, mostly married couples, who either get the object as a second home, or want to move out of the city, increasing class and comfortable accommodation. The most in demand for buyers Square - 150-200 square meters. m "- shares his experience Kocherezhkin Paul, development director of YIT Muscovy.

"Townhouses - is one of the most attractive investment options for housing. Such housing is located outdoors, in places with good ecology and conservation. But the townhouse can be classified as low-cost housing for 1,5-2 mln. nothing like this can not buy "- throws up his hands Vladimir Yakhontov, managing partner Miel - Residential Real Estate. In the limit of 2.1 million rubles. in the primary market can only purchase land without a contract from 6 to 15 acres, away from the capital to 15-80 km, but in an organized cottage with security and communications.

At the same time, the cost per square meter cottage villages may well compete with Moscow and the region. For example, in the village of Christmas (Istra district, 26 km from Moscow Ring Road) sold by YIT Muscovy ", 1 square. m is 41 thousand rubles. (But the size of the smallest home starts from 432 sqm. M). For comparison: the district Tsaritsyno minimum cost of a square of 76 thousand rubles. (Unpolished), that is twice as expensive. But, despite this fact, the demand for suburban housing and townhouses are still low. Experts attribute this huge area of the acquired property. That is ultimately the price still is too high for the average buyer.
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