What is Green building?

18.01.2011 00:00
Articles about real estate | What is Green building? You continue to build on traditional technologies? If this is your business, then he has no future. Look around you are talking about millions of meters tall unfinished? Can all be attributed to the crisis, speculation, loans, banks. More difficult is to understand the real causes of the problems of the construction industry, to understand how the same should be home the 21 st century.

Are you interested in safe house on the market, not endlessly inflated price? Modern home, where you can live comfortably, actually costs significantly less than the traditionally pays the majority of developers.
Would you like a comfortable apartment, where nothing is superfluous, but have all you need change? The apartment to find it extremely difficult, even harder to stay within your budget.

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It is generally accepted that housing is expensive. What to find or build an apartment or house is a daunting task. In fact, this common stereotype. Thousands of brokers impose them attractive to buyers myths. Real estate at an affordable price is a matter of technology and its substitutes are usually speculative content.
In fact the most important - is to balance the optimum price, stable quality and comfort. That is why we support the technology, followed by the future:

Eco-Friendly Houses

This house, created from materials primarily of natural origin, without deep technological processing. It supports human health and to balance the natural environment. Hundreds of artificial ingredients that are inevitable in traditional technologies, are summarized in Green Buildings to a reasonable minimum to no.
The main structural materials - concrete, ceramics, wood, adobe, glass, plaster of Paris. Nice house, a tasty dish consists of precisely matched components in the correct proportions. Combining individually, selected the best option for each customer.

Energy-efficient homes

"Money in the Wind" - this mode of operation of an average Ukrainian house or apartment. 98% of existing housing outdated and does not hold water. Energy conservation in the modern world has ceased to be fashionable, and is rapidly becoming a stark reality of life. In Europe, closing manufacturing plants gas-fired boilers. Smooth transition to new energy sources is supported by many states. Are actively developing homes with zero power consumption. Implemented wide-ranging and clear concept of energy independence at the state level and a separate housing.
We encourage the building of houses with high level of autonomy, with the norms of consumption, which will soon become a mandatory standard in our country.

Resource-saving building

Totalitarian psychology for a long time hampered the creative impulse of the Slavic soul. Having the freedom and some money, lucky owners of resources rushed to erect monumental palaces and marble basins. Laws of economics are quickly evaluated by this absurd constructions. Today, their market value below cost.
We support projects, beautiful in its harmony and simplicity. A minimum of materials and maximum comfort - this is the principle of resource conservation at home. Any surplus is directed not primarily at the gloss and the convenience in daily use, ergonomics and minimizing time on home maintenance. House must be owner, and not vice versa.

Efficient Home

Today's real cost soundly house or apartment in Ukraine is between $ 500 per square meter. This is the price of building from scratch and turnkey full renovation. Anything above - it's profit builders, brokers or "brand freaks".
Yes, this cost is not easy to obtain. Necessary to eliminate theft, losses, inexperience, to optimize the layout, choice of materials and logistics. Equally important are the relationship of trust and timely coordination of customer and builder. According to the calculations of our experts, the cost of Construction of the house "turnkey" area of 150-200 uV lies within the 15,000 cu for work and 60,000 cu for materials.

Innovation Home

Partners and members of the club are introducing advanced technology and invention, providing a modern technological level of the home. Optimum level of saturation of high-tech future is determined by the home owner, based on its understanding of reasonable necessity. The role of the builder and consultant - to present the pros and cons of the possible, leaving the owner a final decision.
Our position is that any innovation should not be an end in itself or a tribute to fashion and implement pragmatic, utilitarian function.

Harmonious home

Exterior of the house, then, as he entered the surrounding landscape, forming a master and his guests some psycho-emotional setting, which may carry health benefits or be hidden factor in the regular stress.
The art of selecting the size, shape, proportion, color, texture, traditionally revered in countries such as Japan and China. Eastern culture and understanding of home as a harmonious part of nature began in the 20 century discovery for Europeans. Doctors and psychologists first acknowledged the key impact of housing on the state of mind, quality and longevity of its owner. Proved that the overall appearance of the house forms at its occupants unconscious attitudes, actually transforming the person into that or any other party.


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