What is geopathic zones and why are they harmful?

13.10.2010 09:33
Articles about real estate | What is geopathic zones and why are they harmful? It is noticed that in some areas inhabited by people, seemingly for no good reason to feel bad, sick, dying of cancer from generation to generation. Such zones are called "cancer", "damned." In fact, the disease was advancing for a reason related to the action of the dangerous "terrestrial radiation.

Zone, where the show "terrestrial radiation," said geopathogenic zones. The name comes from the Greek words: geo / geo / - land and pathos / pathos / - suffering. "Earth radiation is a significant trigger factor in the pathogenesis of many serious diseases. These radiation associated with geological faults crust, with underground water flows, specific energy grids of the Earth (net Curry, Hartman and Whitman), as well as man-made underground structures - underground utilities, underground, etc.

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Very thick, comparable with the dimensions of a person, a network of Hartman. Strip width of about 20 cm followed in parallel to each other from north to south through the 2.0 meter and from west to east across 2.5 m. Where they intersect, nodes are formed in the form of vertical eddy fluxes.

Also oriented network Witteman, but it was larger. Her cell is a 16x16 square meters, and width from 3 to 5 meters. Naturally, the vortex flow is formed larger (? 5-7m) and the power to order more. Curry lines are oriented at an angle of 45 ? with respect Wittmann lines (also called the diagonal). Its cell size of 5x6 m wide strips about 30 cm and the diameter of the vortex flow about 70 cm

It turns out that on the globe, as it were thrown over the subtle energy network. This kind of conventional lines of meridians and parallels on the globe of the Earth, the only difference that they really exist. Walls of buildings, concrete floors and roofs for them is not a barrier, radiation pass freely through them up to 25 storeys and above. Virtually every home, office or site to be one or more of geopathic zones!

The spectrum of possible diseases provoked geopathogenic zones is not limited to oncology. This neuro-psychiatric, cardiovascular disease and dr.zabolevaniya. People stay a long time in geopathic zones (the place of sleep, rest, work) cause discomfort, general weakness, drowsiness or insomnia, headache, fatigue, morning after sleep, etc. Not knowing the cause of his ailment, a man long walks on the doctors , takes medication, and yet to recover fully he could not while he sleeps in a disadvantaged position.

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