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18.09.2010 05:47
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The house, eco - is not just a house, a way of life. Lifestyles essentially depends on the climate, natural environment and local traditions, which largely determine how we live. Therefore, start with the climate and gradually describe what is eco. Summer much of the population grows at its agricultural land and prepares them for the winter.

Therefore, the house and courtyard to provide maximum comfort to man: auxiliary facilities for storing garden tools, cultivation of seedlings, making fertilizer, accumulation and storage of water for irrigation, processing and storing food, etc. Winter lifestyle requires a minimum of outbuildings in the heated part of the house (walk-in closets for clothes and clothing, store a small number of products).

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A necessary condition for human survival - to save the pristine and reconstruction of damaged human environment, including improvement of human health as part of this environment. To reduce the burden on the radical environment of housing and communal services as a whole (including the production of construction materials, actual construction of housing and its maintenance) housing should gradually become eco-housing.
Eco-house - a system with a positive environmental resources. It consists of a zero-energy homes and Croft. Land suitable for biological treatment and disposal of all liquid and solid organic waste and cultivation of agricultural products through biointensivnyh techniques and methods of permaculture. These methods allow us to build environmental resources Croft faster than in the wild. Eco-house must be available at a price most of the population.
The concept of eco-enters the house itself, outbuildings, croft with biobotanicheskoy playground, garden, vegetable garden, a system of accumulation of water, a place of rest.
Eco-house can provide a quality of life in which the family will have the opportunity to grow a healthy next generation. In the mass construction of eco-housing can hope for a quality reproduction of the human population in general and the restoration of the ecological resources in human settlements.

Requirements for the eco -
To convert the definition of eco practice must meet the following requirements:
1. Eco-house should be provided with heat and hot water and electricity only from solar energy and is home to the zero power (do not use non-renewable sources of energy). Getting thermal energy from solar radiation is carried out in the sun (air or liquid) reservoirs, and electrical energy - a solar-powered. Excess heat accumulated and stored in the seasonal and diurnal heat accumulators. Long-term conservation of heat in the home also contribute to the architectural and design solutions, effective insulation. With a lack of "solar" heat and electricity used in the eco other heat generators of renewable fuels, as well as the centralized power grid.
2.Dlya eco building should be used local building materials, low-cost method for extraction, processing, transportation, allow for the use of construction technology at home without heavy equipment. After the end of life cycle eco materials are naturally recycled on site. The use of such materials makes eco affordable for low-income populations.
3. When operating the eco necessary to use natural biointensivnye technologies for processing and recycling of organic waste (solid, liquid) and to improve soil fertility, cultivation of agricultural products. This can be achieved organic farming and the cultivation of crops for compost fertilizer garden, vegetable garden, without the import of fertilizers from the outside. Ecohouse must ensure the accumulation of environmental resource area, which he built.

The massive construction of eco-houses could make housing a means of solving many environmental problems facing humanity. When operating at home man its vital functions should help to transform solar energy into living biomass more efficiently than it does in the natural development of ecosystems, exceeding the value of the natural reproduction of the environment in its natural state.
Green Buildings can not be built (and the people living there are not desirable) to the north of the latitude for which it is impossible to provide solar heating of the house because of lack of solar energy even in an economically rational insulating homes.
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