What is different from the townhouse apartments?

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What is different from the townhouse apartments? What is a townhouse
This is a transitional solution between multi-storey house and cottage. Do you have neighbors next door (as in apartment buildings), but there are a, let a small piece of land (usually 2 - 4 CM), its exit from the house. Footage proper housing - also somewhere in between: less than a full-fledged cottage, but larger than the average urban apartment (very modest version of: three bedrooms on the second floor, living room, kitchen and utility rooms on the ground - total 150 sq. km. M ), plus a garage and guest parking on the local area.

It is believed that the apartment - an attribute of urban life, and town house - country. Most often this is true, but not always. In some cities, new housing estates of tower blocks are combined with townhouses. And this trend seems to be developed - low-rise construction now in vogue.
In the capital, there is another trend - people with means in addition to existing housing in the city to buy an apartment the day off somewhere in a quiet suburb, preferably near a forest or river. For the generation of beds and other horticultural delights consider as an aggravating circumstance is life, this option appears to be quite practical: nature - that is, a townhouse contain much cheaper than a country house.

Composition of the Property
One of the main advantages of townhouse - attached to his land. Let a small, usually 2 - 4 weave. But you can proudly consider themselves not only households, but also the landowner. And the rest near a house on their own green lawn. Break there own flower beds, playground, or ... Well, anyone that.


At first glance there is much wins the townhouse. But do not harbor illusions about the extra privacy of such a lifestyle. Most often townhouses imply a two-storey house (or block of houses), divided into several houses. Of course, you will not have as many neighbors as in high-rise warren, and will be a separate entrance, but you will have neighbors. And they can not be thrilled that, say, your dog runs on their part of the local area.
Want to live entirely alone - buy a cottage. Then the house and the entire site for it will belong only to you.

Features lay-
If you live like human beings in your understanding means more bedrooms (one for each family member) and living room with fireplace, of course, you'll feel more comfortable in a townhouse. Now there are even multi-room and duplex apartments, but they still have to search. And the price is appropriate ... In other words, if you really need a very spacious accommodation, is more practical to buy townhouse - square meter it is usually cheaper than in the flat.
Acquainted with the grandeur and the choice of townhouses in the Kiev region, you can here

Closeness to nature
Here, of course, all the pros in favor of the townhouse. Such settlements built in the city, but still, as a rule, closer to the green, pond and away from plants and highways. In addition, to get some fresh air, do not descend from the n-th floor of the elevator.

Utility and other payments
And here is a definite plus apartment - townhouse content is usually more expensive. And sometimes significantly. The fact that you would pay more and for the maintenance of the infrastructure of the village, where your villa, including roads, security, garbage collection, landscaping and common area, etc. Usually accumulates much more than in an apartment in a traditional multi-storey new building. In various villages requisitions may be very different. At this point, you should pay special attention has to purchase and pre-calculate their potential.

What are the advantages? Apartment in the townhouse is perfect for people who wish to avoid the hassles of city, but have no desire or financial ability to buy a separate house outside the city. This is a convenient, comfortable and economical type of housing for middle and high class. Cost of the village of townhouses is significantly lower than cottage village. This is achieved by lower construction costs and savings of land occupied by the village. Therefore the same residential meters in the townhouse are 2-3 times less than in a separate cottage. Reduced and will be the cost of operating such apartments. In this village of townhouses has the same advantages as the cottage village - self-contained communications, infrastructure and land allotment for each owner. Townhouses - is spacious and luxury property at an affordable price.

Townhouse - a structure in two or three floors, locked with the same buildings with two sides and has its own entrance.
Townhouse - a combination of a city apartment and a country house. It is a complex of low-rise comfortable cottages with separate entrances, which are combined with each other side walls and have their own plots of land the size of 1-4 weave.
A variety of townhouse is - two buildings standing side by side, or "duplex" - the house twin to the two owners. Two-section townhouses - it is duplexes.

Usually townhouses are two-, three-, five- and vosmisektsionnymi. Townhouse may have several floors, but it certainly will be the wall, shared with neighbors. Remarkable addition to the home of the new format is a small piece of land adjacent to each building. Neighbors will see the owner of the townhouse, but taking into account the area of ​​your own home and the size of the neighboring homes, this closeness is not as close as in the stairwell of an apartment building.

Due to limited space on which the townhouse, its planning structure developed, and has a vertical vector of development. The most economically sound area townhouse from 120 to 200 square meters. m. The planning scheme of our traditional townhouses. The first floor living space has a living room, kitchen, dining room and utility rooms, and bedrooms, a nursery, office located on the second and third floors. Also on the ground floor has an entrance hall, living room, boiler room and other. Technical facilities. As a rule, there is a garage for parking.
In Ukraine, the townhouses are located, usually in a suburban area, which has a positive effect on the availability details Access routes and utilities (centralized water supply, sewerage, gas pipeline)
The main advantage of tuanhausov, compared with free-standing cottages, is to minimize the cost of land. Under section townhouse axial dimensions of 10 x 10 m is required 10h30 m plot (3 CM), for a detached house with all the regulatory gaps by fire and other requirements - no less than 5 acres (saves 30-40%)
Also, the cost savings achieved through economies of laying communications. Namely, if equip the communications system to several sections in one house, rather than to each individual structure, that means it will take approximately four times smaller. (About 50% saving, based on the town house 4)
Even with decentralized laying water and sewage at least you save on the device artesian wells, arranging them on no more than two sections of a group of townhouses (saving 50%)
Also important is the reduction of heat loss by walling almost 2 times, and accordingly, the savings in heating the building (that in recent years become a significant factor). Do not forget about saving building materials in the construction of walls, because one wall of four is common to the two sections (saving about 20% only on the wall materials).

Apartment in a townhouse is perfect for people who want to avoid the bustle of the metropolis, but do not have the desire or the financial ability to buy a separate house outside the city. This is a convenient, comfortable and cost-effective type of housing for people of middle and high class.
Since the plot of land occupied by a single "flat" in the town house, much less than that required for an individual cottage, it reduces the cost of construction. In addition to the savings from reduced land for the cost of communications - the total cost of supplying to three or four cottages interlocked lower than a stand alone. Finally, significantly less materials required (due, for example, common walls).

In Ukraine, the townhouse market is divided into two major segments: suburban and urban. Pricing policies and trends in each of them are completely different, and perhaps the only thing that unites them - the concept of "townhouse" itself.

Optimal parameters townhouse. The cost of townhouses shall not exceed 250 thous. $. Maximum area townhouses shall not exceed 250 square meters. m. According to the standards adopted by the world's total area townhouse economy class is 100-150 square meters. m, the business class - 150-200 square meters. m, and the elite class - 200-250 square meters. m.

Townhouses - the price of suburban real estate market
According to Victor Kovalenko, the database www.zagorodna.com portal has 113 townhouses in the cottage. The greatest number of townhouses in the Kiev region -41. The average cost of 1 square meter in a townhouse in the Kiev region -. 1312 dollars, more expensive only in the Crimea and Odessa region (1417 and 1908 dollars / sq, respectively.).
The lowest price recorded in a townhouse in Lugansk (500 dol. / M), the highest (average) -1972 dol. / M -to Kiev.
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